Nissan Murano (2008 – 2011) Review

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Nissan Murano (2008 – 2011) At A Glance


+Comfortable SUV, reasonable performance, pleasant and easy to drive, 2.5-litre diesel finally introduced in 2010.

-Petrol model is bulky and thirsty, big triangular blindspot at base of nearside pillar, diesel expensive at £37,950.

Insurance Group 33
On average it achieves 93% of the official MPG figure

Nissan claims its Murano to be the first full-size crossover. It's good looking and luxurious, but bulk and difficult to judge due to big triangular blindspot opposite the driver. Diesel from September 2010 partly solves the thirst and emissions problems and is decently refined, but the more compact Infiniti EX 3.0d with V6 235PS diesel makes more sense.

Looking for a Nissan Murano (2008 - 2011)?
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Real MPG average for a Nissan Murano (2008 – 2011)


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19–29 mpg

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Nissan Murano with various problems - what should I do?
"I unfortunately bought a Nissan Murano 2009 model done 100K. Many problems have started to develop in just one month. 1) knocking sound when driving above 40-50 mph which do not have any pattern to it. feels under the feet under drivers compartment and when foot is on accelerator paddle. been to a garage and main dealer and they can't find the source! 2) very poor acceleration. have tested 0-60mph. doing in 14-15 sec. it should do 0-60 in 8 seconds. 3) now the steering wheel started making whining noise when turned. 4) Been to a garage to get spark plugs changed and CVT fluid flushed. Garage reports the bolts are badly corroded and risks breaking them which could cost me alot. and CVT tank cap is also corroded and so tight that they risk it breaking while try to drain it. Any solutions to these problems ?"
Clean it up as best you can, polishing the body and glass and vacuuming the interior, then put the thing in an auction and get rid of it. Take the loss because it is likely to be a lot less than the cost of trying to fix it.
Answered by Honest John
Is the Nissan Murano really that bad?
"I'm looking for a replacement for my old Jeep Grand Cherokee and have £8000 to spend. I've noticed that there are lots of nice looking, lowish mileage Nissan Muranos in my price range. Admittedly, it's not the best looker, but it does have lots of kit and seems cheap. However, the reviews I've read suggest it is not well liked. Is it really that bad? "
Big CVT auto transmission. Rather boat-like to drive. More here: Facelifted from 2008:
Answered by Honest John
Which Murano?
"I am thinking very seriously about buying a Nissan Murano, and have spotted two potential buys. The first is being sold by a Kia dealership, it has done 63,000 miles, and comes with a 3 month warranty. The second is an 'Approved Used' being sold by a Nissan dealership, has done 72,000 miles, is £500 cheaper and comes with a 12 month warranty. My question is: Is it worth going cheaper with 10,000 more miles for a 12 month warranty? "
The first one actually has to come with a 6 month dealer warranty by law. But the 72k miler reads like the better deal.
Answered by Honest John
I improved my Nissan Murano's fuel economy by 4mpg by using Shell V Power fuel.
"I own 2009 Nissan Murano, purchased new, where prior to running in I averaged 24 mpg. However, now that it has covered 9000 miles my consumption has improved to 28mpg running on Shell V Power exclusively. On longer journeys I average 33 mpg, which is slightly better than my BMW 7 Series, ie 24mpg and 33mpg respectively. I find it to be the most stylish and distinctive 4x4 on the market and represents far greater value for money than its competition of Lexus, Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne Audi Q5 etc. Since Nissan imports less than a 1,000 a year it is very rare to spot another. Perhaps your correspondent JC should consider having his fully serviced and checked over by Nissan, and not take full advantage of the power available by easing back on the accelerator. Incidentally road tax is £435pa, which represents an extra £200pa over and above the BMW, but this is still really small fry for the excellent form of luxury transport provided."
Vital and valuable information. Just as a certain make and certain type of tyre can prove to give the best performance for a certain make and model of car, so can a fuel. There is a universal improvement with V-Power. But in some cars the improvement is more dramatic than in others.
Answered by Honest John

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