Nissan Micra C+C (2005–2011)

What's good

Folding hardtop is easy to operate.

What to watch out for

Minor problems reported with driver's window, heater rear window elements and a common problem of water ingress to the boot lock.

17-7-2011: Suffers badly from leaks through the seals between the doors and the windows.

28-7-2011: Spate of ABS module failures through internal corrosion. Dealer replacement cost £1,800.

4-9-2014: Numerous problems with 37,500 mile 2009 Micra C+C that reflect common problems with the Micra K12: The car was taken back to Nissan due to leaky seals around window/roof, whilst still under warranty due to windscreen kept misting up. (still does, despite the fact they put more glue on seals!) A few weeks ago the ABS light and Handbrake Lights came on the dashboard. Checked oil levels, and brake fluid levels and they were fine. Took the car to an auto electrician who could find nothing on his diagnostic software. Phoned Nissan dealer, had to wait a couple of weeks to get booked in for diagnostic. Paid £85 and was told that there was water ingress and the car needed a new wiring loom, and actuator. Nissan is quoting £2,456.71 for parts: actuator assembly and harness assembly and labour. Nissan Customer Care refused to help.

13-7-2017: ABS module failed on 2016 Nissan Micra 1.6 C+C Essenza due to water ingress. Nissan dealer advised replacing the ABS and engine wiring harness at a total cost of £2,867.11, which is the value of the car. Car has otherwise been reliable to 73,000 miles. Possible that ECU testing can fix the ABS module.

4-9-2018: Report of failed sunroof mechanism on 25,000 mile K12 Nissan Micra C+C.

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