Nissan 350Z Roadster (2005–2009)

Model History

October 2004

£2,000 deposits taken for 350Z Roadster. Sold out within an hour. List prices Roadster £26,000. GT Roadster £28,500. All very good to drive. Supply situation became much better in 2005 with all models discounted.

March 2005

Two-seater 'Z car' with 277bhp 3,498cc V6 pumping out 267lb ft torque through a six-speed gearbox. 4,310mm long by 1,815mm wide by 1,320mm high and weigning in at 1,440kg.

Factory figures are 155mph (limited) and 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds. Combined consumption 24.8mpg; CO2 estimated at 273g/km. Prices from £24,000. GT pack of electric leather seats, cruise control and Bose sound system costs £2,500 extra. 225/45 R18 Potenzas on the front; 245/45 R18 Potenzas on the rear.

January 2006

Power hike for 2006 models to 300PS at 7,000rpm. Restyled front end, new look headlamps, LED tail lamps, repositioned switchgear, better cockpit storage, speed dependent power steering, coupe has standard Bluetooth integration. 0-60mph down to 5.5 seconds (6.0 seconds for roadster). Same electronically limited 155mph top speed. Optional Birdview satnav with TMC (Traffic Message Channel).

Prices Coupe £26,300, GT Coupe £28,800, Roadster £27,800, GT Roadster £30,300. Excellent Birdview Satnav with TMC (traffic information) a £1,200 option. GT pack adds electric heated leather seats, 3240W Bose sound syste, 6CD dashboard multiplayer and cruise control.

July 2006

350Z GT-S concept show at July 2006 London Motor Show with Novidem supercharger raising poert to 382PS and torque to 425Nm. 0-60mph cut to 4.8 seconds. 2.5 seconds cut from 0-100mph time.

May 2007

Mild facelift May 2007 with with 80% uprated engine and 80% another boost in standard power output to 309bhp with torque up to 358Nm. Distinguished by bonnet power bulge. From £26,795 OTR for the Coupe and £28,295 OTR for the Roadster, representing an increase of £300. GT Pack £2,500 more.

What does a Nissan 350Z Roadster (2005 – 2009) cost?