Nissan 350Z Roadster (2005–2009)

What's good

Proper sports car.

Wonderful handling, performance and a very good drive.

What to watch out for

Hideous protruding door handles that look like something on a kitchen unit. Only 23mpg, which isn't very good for a 2 seater.

2007/08 cars with 310PS engine don't feel as gutsy as older 300PS cars.

2007/08 Temper Orange not as nice as 2006/07 Sunset Orange in photos

300PS 350Zs from March 2006 get hit by high £505 annual VED. and Telegraph readers report a lot of early clutch failures. at between 9,000 and 25,000 miles.

On 06 build gunmetal grey cars the paint over the plastic parts changes colour. Seems to be a general problem of paint blistering, leaving damage that looks like untreated stone chips but isn't. As of 8-6-07 Nissan would not acknowledge this as a fault.

24-2-2012: Report of "splinter' in first gear of 3 year old just out of warranty.

17-12-2013: By 8 years old, 350Z Roadsters need to be carefully inspected for rust underneath.

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