Morgan Plus Four (2020–)

Model History

March 2020

Morgan reveals Plus Four

Despite looking almost exactly the same as the old car, Morgan reassures us that 97 per cent of the components are new. But if you’re still struggling to tell them apart, it’s all in the name because the Plus ‘Four’ replaces the Plus ‘4’.

The old steel chassis has been replaced by the CX-generation bonded aluminium platform found in the Morgan Plus Six. Most of the panels are still beaten by hand and there’s still a handcrafted ash body frame. Oh, and don’t forget the hand-trimmed leather interior…

This is the second Morgan to be launched with BMW power under the bonnet. The Plus Four features the first-ever four-cylinder turbocharged engine to be used by Morgan: Munich’s 2.0-litre TwinPower Turbo, which produces 255PS and up to 400Nm torque

That means the Plus Four’s performance is on par with the outgoing Morgan Roadster: 0-62mph takes from 4.8 seconds, while top speed is 149mph. A six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic gearbox are available, marking the first time this model has been available with a choice of factory-fitted gearboxes.

This is also one of the cleanest and greenest Morgans ever made. The Malvern-based manufacturer has slashed CO2 emissions by a third over the outgoing roadster. New WLTP combined figures are 159g/km of CO2 while fuel economy is said to be 40mpg.

What does a Morgan Plus Four (2020) cost?