Morgan 4/4 (2009–2019)

Model History

February 2015

Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary Edition launched

Conceived in 1935, the introduction of the 4-4 signalled Morgan’s move to 4 wheeled vehicles and the beginning of the next chapter in Morgan history.

On the 15th of October 1936, the eagerly anticipated 4-4 debuted at the London Motor Show, held at Olympia. The modest 4-4 was a lightweight, affordable runabout that had been proven in local trials with great success across the UK. The 4/4 has been a stalwart of the Morgan model range since its inception 80 years ago, and despite a break during WWII, has been in continuous production ever since.
2016 marks 80 years of this automotive icon, a British success story and the longest running production car in the world.

To celebrate, the Morgan Motor Company are proud to announce a limited edition 80th anniversary 4/4. Commissioned to celebrate the timeless design of the 4/4, just 80 examples will be produced, featuring unique styling inspired by the Series 1. The 80th anniversary limited edition has been designed in the spirit of the original vehicles and benefits from a number of styling enhancements.

October 2018

Morgan reveals 110 Anniversary models

Each of the ‘110 Anniversary’ models benefit from unique badging, denoting their significance as 110th year editions, as well as an extensive list of specially selected performance and styling options included at no extra cost.

In addition to performance and styling options, a new range of standard colours has also been introduced. In addition to the ‘Sport Range’ of colours, there is now a ‘Classic Range’ and ‘Metallic Range’, which includes a selection of colours chosen by Morgan Design. These colours reflect some of the most popular Morgan colours throughout the company’s history, as well as some personal favourites hand-picked by Morgan’s design team.

A mix of performance and visual enhancements are also offered with each ‘110 Anniversary’ model. A front valance, rear exit sports exhaust and leather bonnet strap stand out as the more purposeful and race inspired options for Plus 4 and Roadster.

Interior trim and detail enhancements include a leather or wood rimmed Moto-Lita steering wheel, performance seats, a mohair hood pack and any choice of Yarwood leather, also available across Plus 4 and Roadster. In addition, customers will also have the option to have the ‘110 Anniversary’ logo embroidered on their headrest in matching or contrasting stich-work, further signifying the special nature of their new Morgan. All of these options are available at no extra cost.

What does a Morgan 4/4 (2009 – 2019) cost?