Mitsubishi Outlander (2007–2012)

What's good

NCAP 4 star occupant protection, 3 star child protection, 2 star pedestrian safety.

Good combination of ride and handling.

Better with 2,179cc 2.2 PSA/Ford diesel engine.

What to watch out for

Rearmost seats and legroom insufficient for adults.

When buying new or 2nd hand, buyers need to make sure they know exactly which 2.2 diesel engine they are getting. The 2011MY range is available with two engines: a 175PS chain cam 2.3 Di-D M/T Mitsubishi unit on the GX3 M/T variant and a 154PS belt cam 2.2 Di-D SST PSA unit. The 2WD variant is be available with GX3 M/T trim only. The Mitsubishi 2.3Di-D is capable of an excellent 45mpg.

Criticism that very small back seats are also of flimsy construction and 'rock'. Locking problem as TSB in Recalls. More Feedback welcome.

Clutch and dual mass flywheel failures common when towing because 1st and 2nd gears are not low enough to take off without some slip.

On PSA 2.2 litre powered Outlanders, Eolys fluid reservoir bag for DPF regenerating is mounted close to and level with the rear wishbone where it is unprotected and extremely vulnerable to road debris and twigs and rocks while off roading.

23-9-2014: Report of repeat cranksaft oil seal failures of 2009 Outlander 2.2 belt cam PSA engine contaminating the clutch.

26-9-2014: Report of clutch failure of 2010 Citroen C-Crosser with DCS (Dual Clutch System) automatic transmission at 42,000 miles. Probably caused by the common crankshaft oil seal failure. Quoted £4,500 to repair, but Citroen offered 60% of parts cost. Dealer told reader that if the transmission itself failed the cost of repair would be a ludicrous £14,000, far more than the vehicle is worth.

15-2-2016: Late report of 2010 Outlander SST (with PSA 2.2 angine and dual clutch box) recalled in November 2014 to remove silicone residue from contact points of shift lever. A few weeks previously the owner had paid £2,500 for a new clutch pack. He thought this had been unnecessary, but it was probably needed due to the common cranksaft oil seal failure.

15-7-2017: Diesel 'knock' reported on start up of 63,000 miles 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander with "2.2 litre Movic engine"? (Not sure if this is the 2,179cc belt cam PSA diesel or the 4N14 2,268cc chain cam Mitsubishi diesel.)

26-9-2017: Report of 2011/61 4N14 engined Mitsubishi Outlander losing power on the motorway. Thought to be a DPF filled up with ash. 4N14 is the chain cam 2,268cc Mitsubishi engine, not the PSA 2.2.

7-9-2019: Complaint of cabin fumes in 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.2 (presumed PSA) coming in via vents when stationary and idling. Garage replaced manifold and EGR valve. Fumes still occurring. Possibly caused by too much ash in the DPF preventing exhast fumes freely exiting (see 26-9-2017 above).


TSB 20 March 2007, NumberSNL-2007-54-003 , Model: Outlander (GS45X),
Keyless Entry Intermittently not Working: When unlocking the vehicle with the buttons on the key, the keyless entry system may fail to unlock the vehicle if the vehicle has been parked for longer than approx 3-5 days. "We are awaiting the official report from the factory, however it seems that when the vehicle is locked, the Wireless Control Module (WCM) constantly monitors signals on a certain frequency in order to listen for the unlock signal from the correct key for the vehicle. These signals are stored in a buffer, however if the vehicle is parked for a period of time in an area where there are a lot of signals on this frequency (such as in a long stay car park, in a dealer compound, etc.) this buffer will reach it’s maximum capacity and will then stop receiving any more signals, including the unlock signal from the correct key. When this occurs, the keyless entry will not unlock the vehicle until the ignition is switched on and off again." Affected Vehicle Range: Outlander (GS45X) VIN/Chassis No All. Production Fix: Currently under investigation. Field Fix: Currently under investigation, however it is possible to get the keyless entry system working again by unlocking the drivers door manually with the key, switching the ignition on/off and then locking/unlocking the vehicle with the buttons on the key. Please be aware that replacing the WCM, ETACS or keys will not resolve this issue.

Note:When unlocking the vehicle manually with the key, it will only unlock the drivers door. It will not operate the central locking. The alarm will also sound for a few seconds when the drivers door is opened, until the ignition is switched on/off and the vehicle locked/unlocked with the buttons on the keys.
As soon as we receive any more information from the factory, we will revise this Newsletter with the details.

28-1-2012: Manufacturer recall to replace Siemens Piezoelectric injectors of 2006 - 2009 2.0 TDI BMN engines. All the injectors from the the 2.0 TDI PD engines that use piezoelectric Siemens injectors and Siemens ECUs are affected by this problem. The most problems are on the Passat BKD 2.0 TDI 140HP. No problem from 2009 and the introduction of the common rail 2.0 TDI engine (CEGA).

26-5-2018: Mitsubishi announces recall for Outlanders built between 14 November 2006 and 10 July 2012 following concerns that water ingress may cause the wipers to fail. The manufacturer says that, due to 'inappropriate waterproofing', water may be drawn into the front wiper motor and/or may cause corrosion of the wiper link ball joint. This may, over time, cause the wipers to fail. On affected vehicles, Mitsubishi is replacing the wiper motor with a new component w hich has a modified breather and wiper link ball joint.

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