Mitsubishi Colt CZC (2006–2011)

What's good

Folding hardtop, four seats and decent boot space even with the roof stowed.

Well equipped

Cheap CZC1 from November 2007

What to watch out for

The UK first cars were slow to come through and buyers had a long wait.

Batteries not 'maintenance free'. Need topping up every 4 weeks.

Engine coolant reservoir bottle has a clip on top. This does not form an adequate seal and over the course of the year the level will drop. It's very important to check this level regularly to prevent it going down too much with potential overheating consequences. The level in the bottle is a bit difficult to check as it is a long square container which goes down to the bottom of the engine bay.

3-7-2012: Report of transmission mounting braket failing on 4 year old resulting in destruction of transmission and driveshaft.

27-2-2017: Complaint that 30k mile 2007 Mitsubishi Colt CZC boot will not unlock with the use of the remote key fob, but only by physically inserting the key. Similarly, although owner can hear the mechanism “trying”, the roof will not open because the boot lid will not raise to accommodate the roof etc. Brayley Oxford had the car for a fortnight, during which time owner made phone calls to check progress, but failed to solve the problem at least in part because “the computer would not talk to the car”. At the end of this time they had obtained a “new module” but felt that the labour cost of further investigation, and the cost of the necessary parts, which could not be guaranteed to resolve the problem, could not be recommended for a car of this age even though the mileage is low. Bayley discounted the bill for the labour charges incurred in the investigations to date.

21-11-2017: Report of leaking boot. It's a sealing problem. With the roof half open so the seals are all exposed, go round looking for damage or decomposed sealing strips, clean all the seals carefully removing any stones or grit that have become caught up in them, then treat them all with silicon lubricant.


November 2008 recall that where alloy wheels are fitteds and the car has a steel spare, the locking stud for the alloys is not deep enough for the spare. Only steel wheel nuts/bolts should be used with the steel spare.

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