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MINI Countryman (2010 – 2016) At A Glance


+Golf sized MINI has five seats and a 350-litre boot. Available with BMW's chain cam 1.6 diesel engine. Option of diesel automatic with 4WD.

-Styling isn't a universal success and divides opinion. Top models are expensive. Handling of 2WD versions is unexciting.

Insurance Groups are between 8–30
On average it achieves 75% of the official MPG figure

The 'MAXI' sized Countryman is a major new chapter in the MINI success story. In a nutshell, it offers four or five-seat practicality and a 350-litre boot in addition to the usual MINI trademarks such as sharp steering, fun handling and that all-important quirkiness.

It's impossible to think of this as any other car than a MINI. The Countryman might well be Golf-sized but the styling shares many MINI hatchback details, such as its large, round(ish) headlamps, floating roofline, and down-in-the-dumps radiator shape. That might make it easy to accept for existing owners, but those looking for an alternative to their Qashqai they may well find it a little too wacky.

The Countryman is actually considered to be a crossover by MINI and as such, there is also a four-wheel drive option, otherwise it's powered by the same low emission chain-cam diesel and petrol engines as the standard MINI hatchback. There are no shortage of versions to choose from - it's offered in One, Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper versions with 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre engines.

The big news for MINI owners looking to trade up is that the Countryman has a large and usable boot. There is plenty of room for four adults and thanks to plenty of carried-over controls and shared styling, they will feel very much a home. In 2010, the Countryman received a new centre console and - for the first time - electric window switches mounted in the doors.

MINI Countryman ALL4 2010 Road Test and Video

Looking for a MINI Countryman (2010 - 2016)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

Real MPG average for a MINI Countryman (2010 – 2016)


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Is there room for negotiation when buying a used car from a dealer?
"My wife's lease car comes to an end next month. As a fan of MINI, having leased for the last decade or so, she would like to stick with the brand. I've seen 2012 diesel Countryman with 75,000 miles, one owner and full service history for £6295. Would this be a good option and is there room for negotiation? Thanks in advance."
You might find that a petrol model will be more reliable - particularly if your wife doesn't cover many miles. Dealers are struggling to source good stock at the moment (people haven't been trading in cars during lockdown and auctions haven't been running), so discounts are hard to come by.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Why does my car judder when I'm steering on full lock?
"My 2014 MINI Countryman has a fault. When on full lock, reversing or forward, the car judders. I have taken it to two local garages, and neither have any idea what the issue is. Can you please advise?"
Do not use full lock - it imposes a huge strain on the driveshafts. Always wind a bit of lock off when you hit the stops.
Answered by Dan Powell
I need an SUV that's easy to get in and out of - any suggestions?
"I am looking for an SUV with lower ground clearance so that my elderly mum is able to get in it. She is wheelchair bound so has limited mobility and I need to fold the wheelchair and put it in the back. Any suggestions?"
Take a look at the Skoda Yeti - as SUVs go, it sits pretty low to the ground and access to the boot is easy. Unfortunately it's now been replaced by the Karoq, which is more conventional in its approach. The MINI Countryman might also be worth a look. Alternatively, a beefed-up estate like the Volvo V90 Cross Country or Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain may suit your requirements, depending on your budget.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Why is my dash camera stopping my DAB radio working?
"I have two dash cameras in my MINI Countryman. One is in the front of my car and one is in the rear. When I plug them in, the DAB radio fails. Any idea as to why this is happening? "
If you're struggling with radio interference it's likely to be the fault of the rear camera. I'd try attaching a ferrite core to the end of the cable on the rear camera. If this doesn't work, try adding a couple more ferrite cores (you can buy these on Amazon very easily). If that still doesn't solve the issue, it'll be a case of rerouting the dash cam cable to the other side of the car.
Answered by Georgia Petrie

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