MINI Hatch 5-door (2014–)

What's good

High quality, characterful interior makes the MINI feel special.

Extra pair of doors hasn't dulled the sharp handling.

More practical for a family. 

Lots of customisation options.

13-10-2014: HJ writes: The extra 72mm in the wheelbase of the MINI 5-door helps the ride quality and even on 205/45 R17 tyres that wrecked the ride of the previous generation MINI, the 5-door is okay. A 6-speed manual is standard on all MINI 5-doors and the 1.5 litre 3 cylinder MINI Cooper D (priced at £16,530)  pulls 35mph per 1,000rpm in 6th.

What to watch out for

Far from the most practical family car.

Doors are a little tight for adults.

Optional extras quickly add up.

24-11-2016: BMW TSB to replace crankshaft bearings on 1.5 litre 3-cylinder engines. 3 day job. Does not affect 1.2 litre Peugeot Puretech enginesd MINI One.

16-10-2017: Plethora of problems reported with 2015/65 MINI 5-door: "We have had no end of issues with the car, I have attached the service reports, but most have been electrical issues, the highlight being the replacement of the whole wiring loom which required the car to be off the road for nearly three months. There have been a constant stream of electrical issues and as a result of the car being dismantled a re-built we have had issues of rattles and various things not fitting properly." Also, "f or no apparent reason the speedometer suddenly shot up to 90 miles (when she was travelling at about 65 mph) it stayed at 90 mph for 5 or 10 seconds and then shot back down to 40, where it stuck and a warning message came up."

18-12-2017: Owner wrote, " I bought a new 5 door Hatchback 1.6 from Mini Oxford in dec 2014. In Dec 2015 after 8,000 miles the engine had to replaced. The clutch went last week on the M4 after 16,9000 miles. When the engine was replaced no mention was made of any problems with the clutch. Mini Oxford will not replace the clutch under warranty due to the wear on it. If it was due to my driving surely it would have been evident when the engine was replaced after 8,000 miles." Assume he must have meant the 1.5 3-cylinder that had bearing treouble leading to engine replacements.

1-2-2019: Report of small issue with a 10,000 mile 2014/64 MINI Cooper S that developed into a big issue as a direct result of the MINI dealer's ineptitude. In October 2018, washer fluid showed low. Car was due for a service so owner reported it and saw the service manage write it down on the job sheet. Nothing was done. Owner booked the car in for the specific fault to be checked. Owner also noticed that right turn indicator was flashing faster and added that to the job sheet. Then, three days before it was booked in, the car showed a major alarm that its pedestrian collision warning system was at fault. Owner called the dealer, and was assured it was OK to continue driving the car and that they would add this to the job sheet for the following week. Diagnostics alone cost £400. The fault turned out to be a swollen wiring loom, caused by washer fluid leaking into the loom. The fix for that was a complete loom replacement costing over £2,400. Ordering and fitting the part took 3 weeks. Owner negotiated a reduced price for the fix.

26-7-2019: Report of problem with horn button of 2014 MINI 5-door that first occurred whioe it was under warranty. Dealer cleaned the contacts. Problem reoccurred in October 2018 and dealer cleaned the contacts again. Then, in early July 2019 the horn started sounding by itself. Dealer diagnosis was that it needed an entire new steering wheel at a cost of £1,200. After owner challenged this, BMW/MINI UK agreed that owner woud only ahve to pay £200. He investigated and found other cases here:

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