Mazda CX-7 (2007–2012)

What's good

02-06-2010 The Mazda CX-7 2.2 diesel demonstrated its towing capability at the Towcar Awards 2010 picking up the Best in Class title for the 1725-1899kg weight category. It was awarded for its driving capabilities with or without a caravan and value for money.

16-6-2011: Mazda CX-7 2.2D Sport Tech voted Practical Caravan and 'What Car' 'Editors Choice' Towcar of the Year.

What to watch out for

Low back seat. No factory satnav on pre-facelift models. No seven seat option.

2.3 petrol turbo 243g/g/km CO2 so 2nd highest annual tax bracket (£540 for 2018/2019)

Production ended August 2012, effectively superceded by CX-5

3-4-2014: Failure of transfer case of Mazda CX-7 at 4 years old and subsequent replacement led to total engine failure (metal filings in the oil). Suspect minor misalignment of transfer case leading to wear on crankshaft end bearing. Big money involved: £5,000 for transfer case reduced by 60% contribution from Mazda. Now quoted £9,000+ for new short engine, DMF, clutch and gearbox.

13-5-2014: Engine of fully Mazda maintained 38,000 mile 2009 Mazda CX-7 2.2 diesel seized. Dealer seeking goodwill from Mazda on behalf of owner. New engine quoted at £7,500.

15-6-2014: Engine of 45k mile fully Mazda maintained CX-7 2.2 diesel failed 800 miles after a Mazda dealer service. Oil sump uptake pipe blocked and number 1 injector loose. Reader agreed to pay the dealer £950 to strip down the engine and report to Mazda. Copy of report refused. Offered 60% towards cost of new engine + courtesy car wile being fitted. See Mazda 6 entries for 1-3-2014 and 3-3-2014.

19-7-2014: Another mazda CX-7 2.2 diesel engine failure, this one at 32,000 miles. After strip down by Mazda dealer, engine fault was a leaked oil injector over long period to build carbon that dropped into below sum via an internal filter fitted inside engine which got blocked by this carbon causing oil starvation to seize engine. After this report Mazda said it will pay 40% to repair this as goodwill gesture for a bill of £8k.

15-8-2014: Seems to be a growing problem with Mazda CX-7 transfer boxes. Reader with a 75k mile 2009 CX-7 2.4 petrol model was quoted £6k by a Mazda dealer to replace the box. See 3-4-2014.


01-08-2017: R/2017/016: LOWER BALLJOINT MAY FAIL. Water could enter the front lower suspension ball joint, which can cause noise from front suspension and in worst-case failure of lower ball joint. If this occurs, directional control could be impaired. Fix: Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the lower suspension arm (which includes lower ball joint). VIN: JMZER******100107 to JMZER******251684. Build dates: 08-05-2007 to 07/08/2012.

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