Mazda 6 (2002 – 2007) Review

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Mazda 6 (2002 – 2007) At A Glance


+A very enjoyable drive, with excellent handling and some fine engines. Large luggage bay. Brilliant 'Karakuri' rear seat folding of hatch and estate.

-Reports of clutch and 5-speed box probs. Early diesels can suffer big end failure. Can rust in rear arches after 4 years. DPF probs.

Well just look at it, will you? Walk round it and let your eyes linger on its form, and especially on its lights. When did you ever see a more stunningly dramatic car the same size and price as a Ford Mondeo?

In fact, list kicks off at a very fair £14,495 for the 2.0S Estate, against £15,965 for the cheapest 2.0 litre Mondeo estate. And Mazda consistently comes out tops or close to tops in UK and European customer satisfaction surveys.

However, I have to admit that the car I got to drive worked out a little bit dearer. This was the almost top of the range 2.0TS2 136ps diesel Estate, which comes with just about everything you can think of for £18,595.

Mazda 6 Estate and AWD 2002 Road Test

Mazda 6 2005 Facelift Road Test

Looking for a Mazda 6 (2002 - 2007)?
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Spare key fob not working - do I have to go to a dealer for a replacement?
"I've got a Mazda 6 hatch (2005 model) as my commuter car. Initially it only had one key - with a separate fob to lock/unlock the doors - but I have now been given the spare, with an additional fob. The spare key starts the car - but the fob is dead and won't lock/unlock the doors. Is it simply a case of replacing the battery in the fob? Or does it have to be reprogrammed? Do I have to go to the dealer for this or can, say, Timpsons fix it?"
Local branch of Timpsons, or under Keys and Keyfobs in this directory:
Answered by Honest John
Mazda 6 lacks power on cold mornings
"I have a Mazda 6 diesel (2006 model) that lacks power when cold. In fact, in the mornings, it is difficult to get it past 45mph, although it works fine when up to full working temp. This morning I left it to idle for 20 minutes until it was hot and it went perfect. Any idea what the problem might be? "
Possibly emulsified fuel blocking the fuel filter.
Answered by Honest John
Mazda 6 airbag recall
"I recently took my 2002 Mazda 6 to the local dealer in response to a safety recall notice concerning the passenger airbag - console airbag light on and binnacle airbag light on. They replaced the passenger airbag, but the light remained on. I took the car back for a third time but they gave up and referred the matter to Mazda HQ. I have phoned several times since in order to get an update and despite being promised a recall nothing has happened. The MoT has since run out - will the car fail the MoT in its present condition? Or should Mazda keep the car and provide me with a courtesy car until they solve the airbag problem? I realise the car is over 10 years old but if it's a safety recall I presume that they should to something to sort it out in a professional manner. What do you think?"
VOSA recall R/2013/047 of 24-4-2013 is probably part of the massive worldwide recall of Takata airbags See: But when a car is more then 10 years old I don't think liability rests with the manufacturer unless the manufacturer is legally compelled to take responsibility.
Answered by Honest John
Mazda 6 has DPF problem - should the dealer pay for the repairs?
"I bought a Mazda 6 (2006) from a used car garage in November 2013. Immediately after collecting the car there was a problem with it which, I brought to the dealers attention in January. It turned out to be the DPF filter. I have six months warranty with a £150 limit, but I’m not sure as to what extent I would need to pay towards a new DPF filter? The car was clearly sold knowingly with this problem and therefore not fit for purpose; therefore I am sure that the dealer needs to pay the whole amount (roughly £650). What do you think? "
If you have used the car for repeated short runs from cold it's down to you for not using the car correctly. You could try a bottle of Cataclean. If that doesn't work, a treatment using the Ceramex or Terraclean process. But if you have been using the car normally, then it's safe to assume that the DPF problem was developing when you bought the car and you can demand that the supplying dealer fixes it. Legally. He cannot legally remove it.
Answered by Honest John

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