Review: Lexus LS (2018)


Lexus LS aimed to redefine luxurious cars. Smooth hybrid system. Fine ride. Extremely high level of standard equipment. Extraordinary interior trim that is different from anything else.

High list prices.

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8 December 2017 Lexus LS launched in UK

Offered exclusively as a petrol-electric hybrid featuring the Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System that made its debut this year in the LC coupe, the 2018 LS is available in four equipment grades: LS 500h,... Read more

10 January 2017 Fifth-generation lexus LS launched

Powered by a twin turbo 3.5 litre V6 developing 415PS and 600Nm torque. 10 speed automatic transmission. Initially no hybrid version. Stretched LC platform is 35mm longer than previous LS limo with... Read more

Lexus LS (2018): At A Glance

The 2017 Lexus LS is longer and lower than the previous LS, with a striking new exterior incorporating the unmistakable corporate Lexus grille. The car is built on an extended version of the rear-wheel drive GA-L platform that also underpins the Lexus LC coupe. 

Lexus says, "LS’s specious cabin, unique appointments and forward-thinking technology will redefine what is expected of a global flagship saloon."

To create the 2017 LS, Lexus started from scratch, reimagining what a flagship saloon should be. The goal was not merely to improve on what has been done before, but to exceed the expectations of luxury customers worldwide. 

Omotenashi, the Japanese concept of hospitality, remains a common thread that runs through all LS models. In the context of a luxury automobile, it means taking care of the driver and passengers, anticipating their needs, attending to their comfort and protecting them from hazards.

What does a Lexus LS (2018) cost?

List Price from £74,750
Buy new from £68,470
Contract hire from £998.48 per month
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Lexus LS (2018): What's It Like Inside?

Length 5235 mm
Width 2160 mm
Height 1450–1460 mm
Wheelbase 3125 mm

Full specifications

The interior of the Lexus LS500h is like no other car. It's sumptuously luxurious, but with breathtakingly extraordinary detailing that you will not have seen in any other car.

Pictures speak better than words:

Lexus LS500h 2018 Cockpit

Lexus LS500h 2018 Front Door Detail

Lexus LS500h 2018 Rear Cabin 

Lexus LS500h 2018 Rear Door Detail

Child seats that fit a Lexus LS (2018)

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What's the Lexus LS (2018) like to drive?

Sumptuous, luxurious, fine-riding, smooth. The driving experience of a 2018 Lexus LS500h is a mixture of Mercedes S-Class and Tesla Model S, yet with a far greater feeling of surprise, delight and well-being.

It shrinks around you like an S-Class does and, though an S-Class with Magic Ride can feel like the epitome of luxury, somehow the Lexus LS500h is more special.

Perhaps it's Japanese heritage, art and definition of luxury rather than the Teutonic embodiement of it, yet Lexus were not like this in the past. They aped and copied luxury, but did not completely redefine it in the manner that the LS500h does.

It's quick enough, but it's not ferociously fast and you don't actually want it to be. You simply wish to enjoy your journey in a relaxed and cosseted manner and be totally looked after by the car.

Which it does to an extraordinary degree. Stuck in a two lane nose-to-tailer, a motorcyclist chose to filer past me then turn left across my front and continue along the bicycle lane. The '360-degree Panoramic View Monitor with pedestrian alert' cameras watched him every inch of his way, displaying his progress in full colour on the satnav screen. 


Engine MPG 0-62 CO2
500h 40–44 mpg 5.4–5.5 s 147–161 g/km