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Land Rover Range Rover (2013–)

Last updated 18 June 2019

Kerb weight 2160–2658 kg
Warranty 3 years
Servicing 15,000–16,000 miles

Full specifications


The biggest improvement however, is in the handling. The new Range Rover is a revelation on the road and nothing like the model it replaces. Gone is the cumbersome handling and wallowy cornering, replaced by a sharp and responsive drive that inspires more confidence and allows you to make the most of the performance.

This is partly down to a cut in weight. The new Range Rover is the first all-aluminium bodied 4x4 and 420kg lighter than the outgoing version – the equivalent of five adult passengers. That's not to say it's especially svelte and still weighs in at more than 2300kg at its heaviest, but it doesn't feel bulky in corners and there's dramatically less pitching and diving under hard acceleration and braking. The steering is far more responsive too and doesn't require as much input when turning.

This cut in weight means Land Rover had been able to expand the engine range with the option of the TDV6 already used in the Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Sport. The V6 engine is incredibly quiet and smooth plus with 258PS and 600Nm of torque it doesn't feel like the poor relation to the SDV8 that's been carried over but with a hike in power.

In fact the SDV8 only has 100Nm more torque yet carries an extra 200kg. In everyday driving the TDV6 is the perfect engine for the Range Rover – rarely will you ever feel it lacks power. Plus of course there are big benefits for economy, the smaller engine returning a claimed 37.7mpg with emissions of 196g/km.

Of course the TDV8 still has plenty of appeal, not least thanks to the gruff V8 noise and the sheer low down grunt it offers while economy has also improved, now up to 32.5mpg according to the official figures. At the top of the range is the monstrous Supercharged model powered by a 5.0-litre V8 petrol with 510PS and a 0-62mph time of 5.4 seconds. Next year will see a diesel hybrid version launched.

The other big change is the Dynamic Response active lean control system standard on SDV8 and the Supercharged version. As the name suggests, this active suspension system reduces bodyroll in corners and is able to control the front and rear axles independently. That said even the standard fully independent air suspension on the SDV6 model provides impressive body control.

Of course this is nothing new to owners of 4x4s like the BMW X5 or Audi Q7. So the Range Rover can now deal with corners. Big deal. But it's everything else the Range Rover can do that makes it such a mighty vehicle. On its standard road tyres and without any extra off road gubbins it can go from a main road one minute to crossing sand dunes and rock strewn river beds the next. But the most impressive part is that it can then go straight back onto tarmac with no fuss. It's simply an incredible machine.

And it does all this in comfort.  It never feels like its struggling, instead the Range Rover takes it all in its stride. This is what sets it apart from other 4x4s. The next-generation of Land Rover's Terrain Response system plays a big part. As before there are various settings for grass/gravel/snow, mud ruts, sand and a rock crawl mode, but now there's an Auto mode which selects the most suitable program for the terrain. With 303mm ground clearance in off road mode it's unmatched by pretty much any alternative and the wading depth has increased by 200mm to 900mm.


Engine MPG 0-62 Top speed CO2
3.0 SDV6 46 mpg 6.9 s 135 mph 164 g/km
3.0 SDV6 275 37 mpg 7.9 s 130 mph 200 g/km
3.0 SDV6 Hybrid 44–46 mpg 6.5 s 135 mph 169 g/km
3.0 TDV6 41–46 mpg 7.9–8.0 s 130 mph 164–182 g/km
3.0 V6 Supercharged 26 mpg 7.4 s 130 mph 248 g/km
4.4 SDV8 30–34 mpg 6.6–7.2 s 135 mph 219–229 g/km
4.4 TDV8 34 mpg 6.9–7.2 s 135 mph 219 g/km
5.0 V8 510 22–22 mpg 5.1–5.5 s 140–155 mph 299 g/km
5.0 V8 525 21–21 mpg 5.4–5.5 s 140 mph 294 g/km
5.0 V8 550 22–22 mpg 5.5 s 140 mph 299 g/km
5.0 V8 565 21–21 mpg 5.4–5.5 s 140–155 mph 294 g/km
P400 - - - 212 g/km
P400 LWB - - - 212 g/km
P400e 88–91 mpg 6.8–6.9 s 137 mph 64 g/km
List Price from £83,654
Buy new from £76,297
Contract hire from £640.18 per month

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