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Jeep Compass (2011–2014)

Last updated 27 October 2017

Has full time AWD. Strong chain cam 2.2 litre diesel engine. Decent handling and grip.
The quality of the trim won't appeal it to someone who pines for a Range Rover Evoque.
Updated 22 February 2012

Poor EURO NCAP 2-STARS: 61% adult protection, 76% child protection, 23% pedestrian protection, 43% safety assist.

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Fiat version of prevously fairly dire Compass, with new engines, restyling and a two wheel drive option. High spec arrived UK 15 April 2011. Lower spec from August 2011. 

Owners' reviews

Car OK but Jeep (FCA) Customer Care totally incompetent
List Price from £23,405
Buy new from £20,297
Contract hire from £219.16 per month

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