Infiniti M (2010–2013)

Model History

December 2009

Official public debut at Los Angeles Show. Infiniti’s all-new, third-generation luxury performance saloon will be sold in Europe for the first time. High performance V6 petrol and V6 diesel, with petrol/electric V6 hybrid model later. Front Mid-ship platform with rear-wheel drive and available four-wheel active steering. World first Blind Spot Intervention system, State-of-the-art “Forest Air” climate control. Active Noise Control for an even more peaceful cabin. Interior design and finish set a new benchmark for Infiniti. New Infiniti Drive selector with Eco and Sport mode options. Standard seven-speed automatic transmission with Downshift Rev Matching. Available Connectiviti+ infotainment system with Michelin Guide. Joins range above the G37; prices and specification to be confirmed. European sales begin September 2010.

The latest in a list of world-first safety features from Infiniti, BSI takes blind-spot technology to another level by introducing an element of side collision protection. As well as giving the driver both visual and audible warnings of another vehicle in the blind-spot area which is detected by using radar, BSI intervenes if the driver ignores the warnings and attempts to steer into the other vehicle’s path. The intervention is in the form of a directional adjustment, executed automatically. This is achieved by selective braking on one side of the car to create a “yaw” effect that eases the vehicle back into its original lane.

By identifying undesirable sounds in the cabin and then playing back through the speakers sound waves of opposite phase, the original noises are cancelled out, making the M’s interior a quieter, more restful place to be. The system is aimed at reducing undesirable low-frequency engine sounds only. M models with the 16-speaker Bose® Studio Surround® sound system are equipped with Bose Engine Harmonic Cancellation (EHC) which is even more effective at controlling unwanted noises.

The M’s throttle sensitivity and transmission mapping are fine tuned according to which of four driver-selectable modes is engaged via a switch positioned behind the gear lever: Standard, Eco, Sport and Snow. The Eco mode utilises green and yellow lights on the instrument panel to provide feedback on fuel efficiency. Eco mode also introduces a new Infiniti concept known as the Eco Pedal. If driving too aggressively, the driver will feel the accelerator pedal “push back” to indicate fuel is being wasted. Sport mode changes the automatic shift points and enhances throttle response for increased performance. It will also adjust the 4WAS for a nimbler feel and raise the ESP intervention level.

Infiniti believes the quality of the air within a car’s cabin has a direct bearing on the well-being of driver and passengers. Which is why it developed Forest Air, Infiniti’s most advanced climate control system that makes its debut in the M Line (depending on model). The system offers unrivalled temperature, humidity and pollution control while re-creating the gentle breezes and subtle scents of an environment known to promote alertness and relieve stress: the forest.

The M Line benefits from Infiniti’s latest electronic stability program which optimises control of braking and engine torque on individual wheels to achieve smoother and more stable cornering. The system can apply selective braking to help create increased steering response when rapid changes of direction are required, such as in S bends or fast lane-change manoeuvres.

For the 2011-model year M Line, Infiniti’s 360-degree “bubble of protection” around the car known as the Safety Shield becomes more complete than ever. New features such as Blind Spot Intervention and Dynamic Cornering Enhancement are fully integrated into existing Safety Shield technology such as Intelligent Cruise Control (full speed range), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP), Distance Control Assist (DCA), Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Front Pre-Crash Seat Belts.

Infiniti M37: technical specification

Model: M37
Engine: 3.7-litre VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) petrol V6
Transmission: 7-speed Adaptive Shift Control automatic, rear-wheel drive
Power: 320 PS (316 bhp)
Torque: 360 Nm (266 lb ft)
Suspension: Double wishbone front, multilink rear
Brakes: ABS with Brake Assist and EBD
Steering: Vehicle-speed sensing rack and pinion
Coefficient of drag: Cd 0.27
Length: 4945mm
Wheelbase: 2900mm
Width: 1844mm
Height: 1501mm

February 2010

NCAP Advanced Award for Infiniti’s Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) system – and for Infiniti's programme to include it in as many models in the range as possible. LDP helps drivers return the vehicle to its travelling lane by giving a warning and then making a dynamic intervention if an unintended departure out of that lane – through drowsiness or inattention – is likely. With lane drift resulting in a large proportion of accidents involving fatal and/or serious injuries, Infiniti predicts that around 5000 deaths a year in Europe could be prevented if LDP were fitted to every vehicle.

July 2010

Infiniti confirmed its new M37, the first of a trio of V6-powered, rear-wheel drive luxury performance saloons to take on Europe’s executive-car hierarchy, will be available in five different grades priced from £35,150.

Powered by Infiniti’s 3.7-litre petrol V6 developing 316 bhp (320 PS), the M37 backs up its athletic looks with a strong driver focus and Infiniti’s biggest and best-appointed interior yet. The M37 is also Infiniti’s most technologically advanced car with a comprehensive suite of electronic driver aids/anti-collision systems, collectively badged Dynamic Safety Shield. For the Premium models expected to be the biggest sellers, the standard Safety Shield includes the world-first Blind Spot Intervention, a system which registers nearby vehicles and helps ensure the Infiniti cannot stray into their path. Other debut technologies available include Active Noise Control and Forest Air, a climate control system that recreates the gentle breezes and subtle scents of an environment known to promote alertness and relieve stress.

As with all Infinitis, the M37 is surprisingly well equipped without the need for buyers to raid an options list. Prices start at £35,150 with features common to all including, for example, 7-speed automatic transmission, bi-Xenon lights, 10-way power front seats, reversing camera, hard disk drive (HDD) sound system and Infiniti’s new Drive Mode Selector which tailors key driving parameters to Sport, Normal, Snow and Eco settings.

The M37 GT (from £37,650) puts the emphasis on even greater luxury with semi-aniline leather, heated and ventilated front seats and White Ash wood trim with silver powder finish. The M37S (from £39,650) is the sporting choice, with 4-Wheel Active Steering (4WAS), sports suspension, sports seats (also heated and ventilated), gearshift paddles and 20-inch alloy wheels.

Premium versions of both the GT (from £43,000) and the S (from £45,000) come with every feature available, including the Dynamic Safety Shield package, Forest Air, a 16-speaker Bose® sound system and Infiniti’s acclaimed Connectiviti+ information and entertainment platform comprising 30GB HDD navigation.

Premium versions also feature Infiniti’s efficiency-boosting innovation, Eco Pedal. If driving too aggressively, the driver will feel the accelerator pedal “push back” to indicate fuel is being wasted. The M37 accelerates from 0-62mph in 6.2 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. Fuel consumption on the combined cycle is 27.7 mpg while CO2 emissions are 235 g/km.

An M30d diesel is due in October and an M35 hybrid in spring 2011, both also with the emphasis on high performance and maximum driving pleasure. Prices and specifications for these versions will be announced later.

Three new Infiniti Centres, reflecting the contemporary style and luxury of a bespoke hotel far more than a car dealership, are due to open in Central London, Birmingham and Glasgow before the end of the year. They will join Infiniti Centre Reading in offering British drivers the entire “Inspired Performance” range from Japan’s newest luxury car-maker.

August 2010

The "driver's hybrid" from Infiniti, the M35h, will introduce world-first steering and braking technologies when it goes on sale in the USA and Europe in 2011. The debut systems have been designed to deliver both environmental benefits and enhanced driving feel, reinforcing strengths already central to the Infiniti M35h with its innovative one motor/two clutch system.

The M35 HYBRID is the brand's first hybrid in its 20-year existence, as well as the cleanest and most economical car in its history. It is based on the all-new Infiniti M which itself picks up styling cues from Essence, the show-stopper that made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show early in 2009. The M35 HYBRID maintains a high performance luxury sedan profile, overlaying it with the fuel economy and CO2 emissions of a smaller car while delivering driving flair to please any enthusiast, complete with a charismatic V6 and rear-wheel drive handling.

Infiniti's hybrid system, developed solely within Infiniti's parent group, is a one electric motor/twin clutch arrangement. Innovatively, the first clutch is installed between the naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6 and the electric motor. The result of this elegant engineering configuration, where all components act on a single propshaft to the rear differential, is a consistent driving feel under all conditions with linear performance and the "direct responses" that the engineers sought.

The electric motor acts as both propulsion unit, boosting the V6 in "power assist" mode when maximum acceleration is required, and also as a generator. As well as charging the battery in the normal way, the motor recovers energy otherwise lost during deceleration and braking. The M35 HYBRID can also run solely on its electric motor in certain driving conditions, furthering fuel efficiency.

In this way the M35 HYBRID can optimise energy usage across the widest possible range of driving conditions, promising new levels of efficiency for a large sedan. Details of driving range, performance and transmission will be released later.

Several new technologies are introduced such as a new "laminated" lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack that is the same size as conventional batteries but offers twice the power. Lamination enhances the pack's cooling performance while temperature stability is further improved by the use of manganese positive electrodes. An end result of this is exceptional battery reliability.

The M35 HYBRID will join the conventionally-engined M models - including a new high-performance diesel V6 for Western Europe - as the first generation of Infiniti's luxury performance saloon to be sold across all of its world markets which currently number 33 countries. Depending on market, sales are expected to start from Spring 2010 with the M35 HYBRID arriving in 2011.

A decoupling V6 engine, 50 kW (68 PS) electric motor built in to the 7-speed automatic transmission and exceptionally fast charge/discharge response from the lithium-ion battery pack all add up to a hybrid that's electrically powered for more of the time, and at higher speeds, than conventional hybrids.

The M35 HYBRID'S high degree of electric intervention results in the fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions of a smaller, less powerful car while offering the linear acceleration and unsullied rear-drive handling of a true Infiniti complete with all the charisma and potency of one of the great V6 petrol engines.

The technology, which previewed in the Essence concept coupé at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009, has been given the name INFINITI DIRECT RESPONSE HYBRID. Toru Saito, Corporate Vice President Infiniti, said: "INFINITI DIRECT RESPONSE HYBRID is the core of the future Infiniti performance."

The M35 HYBRID uses a front-engine, rear-drive-only layout based around an innovative drivetrain featuring a one motor/two clutch system. The first clutch is installed between the naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6 and the electric motor. This clutch allows the full decoupling of the V6 when in both electric and power regeneration modes - in order to reduce mechanical drag and boost the efficiency of the electric motor.

The M35 HYBRID's transmission is an even more sophisticated version of Infiniti's 7-speed Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) automatic transmission. One difference over the ASC transmission used in other Infiniti models is that there is no torque converter, and therefore none of the losses that torque converters cause.

The lack of a torque converter also enhances responsiveness for a sportier-feeling drive. The throttle can be "blipped" just as in a manual transmission car, while acceleration is seamless thanks to motor-assisted gear-shifting that ensures ratio changes aren't just eye-blink fast but also completely smooth.

The electric motor is rated at 50 kW (68 PS) with 270 Nm of torque and is embedded within the transmission. The motor acts as both propulsion unit, either by itself or to boost the V6 in "power assist" mode when maximum acceleration is required, and also as a generator. As well as charging the battery in the normal way, the motor recovers energy otherwise lost during deceleration and braking.

Apart from its fast charge/discharge response and 1.3kWh capacity, the Li-on battery pack is laminated to enhance the cooling performance. Temperature stability is further improved by the use of manganese positive electrodes. An end result of this is exceptional battery reliability.

Like the drivetrain, which marries a charismatic V6 petrol engine with 50 kW (68 PS) electric motor built in to the 7-speed automatic transmission, simplicity was a key tenet in the development of the steering and brakes of the high performance luxury sedan.

The steering of the Infiniti M35h is an electro-hydraulic system with "on-demand" assistance. It offers the advantages of both types of steering - the natural and smooth feel of hydraulic power steering and the improved fuel efficiency of an electric system - while the motor cuts in only when the wheel is turned, further boosting efficiency. The system is smaller than traditional power steering set-ups, a feat achieved by integrating multiple parts.

The brakes are similarly designed primarily to suit sports sedan buyers' needs, but at the same time contributing to the lower carbon footprint of the M35h, low CO2 champion of Infiniti's all-new M Line sedan line-up. The engineers looked to the hybrid system itself for the solution. What they came up with - a way to use the vehicle's electric drive motor to operate the brake cylinders - represents another world-first innovation for the Japanese brand.

The system is called Electric Driven Intelligent Brake. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the necessary braking force is maintained while the hydraulic pressure of the friction brake is controlled to help maximize the energy regeneration of the hybrid motor. Because of its simple structure, in which the motor directly operates the brake cylinders, the Electric Driven Intelligent Brake system has the potential to be a key part of all future Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid vehicles.

The simplicity of these elegant mechanical solutions, with their emphasis on more compactness, lighter weight and fewer parts, is made possible by advanced computerized control. Another benefit of both the new steering and braking systems is that they work with the innovative drivetrain to enhance the driving experience rather than dilute it in the manner of some hybrid vehicles. Designed to be fast and responsive with a strong sporting bias to the rear-wheel drive handling, the Infiniti M35h aims to deliver an exhilarating drive in all situations.

Central to this is its one motor/two clutch system. The first clutch is installed between the naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6 and the electric motor, which is embedded within the automatic transmission. The electronically controlled clutch allows the full decoupling of the V6 when the car is in electric drive and power regeneration modes. Decoupling the V6 reduces mechanical drag and boosts the efficiency of the electric motor.

Aided by an exceptionally fast charge/discharge response from the lithium-ion battery pack, the result is a hybrid that's electrically powered for more of the time, and at higher speeds, than conventional hybrids.

Yet when the driver demands it the Infiniti M35h responds like a true high performance machine, offering the linear acceleration and unsullied rear-drive handling of a true Infiniti ­- complete with all the charisma of one of the great V6 petrol engines. Like the 7-speed Adaptive Shift Control (ASC) automatic transmission that blips the throttle on downchanges, the new braking and steering technologies are integral to the M35h's positioning as the hybrid to please the most demanding of drivers.

Infiniti's first hybrid, the M35h is the low CO2 star of the all-new M Line which also includes petrol and diesel models and which is the first M ever to be sold in all of Infiniti's 34 world markets.

Among the Infiniti M's many other claims to fame are the world-first Blind Spot Intervention (BSI), state-of-the-art Forest Air climate control and Active Noise Control, while comfort and luxury are taken care of with double-piston dampers and the availability of semi-aniline leather in the spacious cabin. M35h sales start in spring 2011, depending on market. UK prices and specifications are confirmed today for the Infiniti M30d, Europe’s newest, boldest and most individual high performance diesel saloon.

August 2010

Infiniti provided an early look at the all-new organically styled 2010 Infiniti M performance luxury saloon at the 59th Annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This is the third generation of Infiniti’s popular M and the first to be sold across all of Infiniti’s 32 markets around the world, including Western Europe.

Like the current Infiniti M, the next-generation design will be offered with V8 and V6 engines. The 2010 M models will be designated the Infiniti M56 and Infiniti M37 respectively, reflecting their more powerful, larger displacement engines. For Western Europe, the M56 will be replaced by a V6 performance diesel.

The 2010 Infiniti M also features a completely redesigned body, with authentic sports saloon proportions and evocative new styling with a low front end and deeply sculpted wings inspired by the Infiniti Essence concept car. The new M interior promises to be pure Infiniti, highlighted by the use of innovative materials, an advanced climate control system, superior audio and an enhanced quality feel. Despite improved performance from the new engine line-up, fuel consumption will be reduced. In addition, the 2010 M will continue Infiniti’s safety innovation leadership with an industry-first Side-Collision Prevention (SCP) system. The SCP system is designed to alert the driver if another vehicle is detected during an intended lane change and help prevent a potential collision by moving the vehicle toward the center of the original lane of travel.

September 2010

M30d price anounced. 235 bhp, 155 mph. Featuring Infiniti’s first engine developed specifically for Europe – a 3.0-litre V6 piezo-injection diesel with massive 406 lb ft of torque and CO2 emissions under 200 g/km – the M30d is available in five grades, ranging from well equipped to nothing left out, and costs from £36,750 on the road.

September 2010

High performance V6 hybrid sports sedan stars on the Infiniti stand at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. First European deliveries are set to start next Spring when Infiniti will offer luxury sedan buyers a choice of V6 petrol, V6 diesel and V6 petrol/electric hybrid powertrain options. 4,945mm long

Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in less than 5.9 seconds*

CO2 emissions: less than 170 g/km*

Top speed (limited): 250 km/h*

Combined fuel consumption: 7.3 l/100km (38.6 mpg)*

(*All figures subject to final homologation)

All of this is delivered in a large (4945mm long) four-door, five-seat sedan with an exceptionally aerodynamic body complementing classic long bonnet/short tail sports saloon proportions and a flowing, muscular design penned with characteristic Infiniti passion. The spacious, soft-feel interior is inspired by natural materials, traditional Japanese crafts and high technology. The M35h will be available in base and luxury GT forms, with the top GT Premium model fully equipped as standard and featuring several class-first technologies.

Key to the M35h's Inspired - and green - Performance is an innovative yet elegantly simple petrol/electric drivetrain which ensures zero-emissions electric propulsion is used more often, for longer periods and at higher speeds than in existing hybrids.

The M35h can cruise on electric power alone at a constant 80 km/h on a level highway. Electric mode only can be utilised at speeds as high as 140 km/h on a trailing throttle. In slow-moving traffic the M35h can silently glide on electric propulsion for up to 2 km. Tests have shown that, in mixed diving, the M35h is able to drive in electric only mode for as much as 50% of the time.

Being an Infiniti, there is never any shortage of acceleration when it is needed. The 3.5-litre petrol V6 delivers 225 kW (306 PS), backed up by 350 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm. The electric motor is rated at 50 kW (68 PS) and provides high torque from zero rpm, peaking at 270 Nm at just 1000 rpm, ensuring dynamic performance from standstill.

The M35h deploys its power in a manner entirely in keeping with Infiniti's sports handling philosophy for maximum driver satisfaction. Both petrol V6 and electric motor deliver their power to the rear wheels via a 7-speed automatic transmission. This is notable for having an electronically controlled clutch rather than a torque converter, enhancing responsiveness and reducing fuel consumption over the M37 by up to 10%.

A new electric/hydraulic power steering system saves another 2%. The single electric motor and lithium ion battery pack boost efficiency further by helping keep the weight gain over the M37 down to about 120kg. The batteries are under the boot floor but the M35h is one hybrid sedan with practical luggage room, the boot able to accommodate four golf bags or two A-size suitcases.

On sale across Europe from spring 2011 (depending on country), the M35h joins the petrol M37 and diesel M30d as a unique three-way offering in the European executive car market. Prices and specifications will be announced in 2011.

January 2011

Technical specifications and performance were confirmed for Infiniti's first hybrid and the most powerful new member of the luxury Infiniti M family. The homologated figures place the Infiniti M35h as one of the fastest and greenest V6-powered sedans available as well as putting it at the forefront of hybrid technology.

Available throughout Europe from the spring (depending on country), Infiniti's first Direct Response Hybrid car to go on sale can be summed up by four figures:

* 364 PS (268 kW) combined petrol/electric power
* 5.5 seconds acceleration from 0 to 62mph
* 162 g/km of CO2 emissions
* 40.4mpg on the combined cycle

The Infiniti M35h's innovative one electric motor/two clutch hybrid system is complemented by the Infiniti hallmarks of low drag - the Cd is down to an impressive 0.26 - and lighter weight, the M35h weighing less than its M30d diesel sibling at 1830kg.

The Infiniti M35h's near-50mpg extra urban consumption is 10mpg ahead of its main hybrid rival, while in the VED stakes its place in Band G is two bands lower, cutting the first-year rate of road tax for the Infiniti almost in half, from £300 to £155. Similarly the M35h's lower CO2 results in more affordable company car tax bills, with a liability in 2011/12 of 23% rather than its less powerful rival's 26%.

The combination of high performance - tinged with true Infiniti driver appeal - and low emissions is the direct result of a 68 PS (50 kW) electric motor that can power the Infiniti M35h more often, at higher speeds and for longer periods than rival hybrids.

Capable of cruising on emissions-free electric power alone at speeds up to around 80 km/h, Infiniti's Direct Response Hybrid system extends the hybrid's advantage from slow-moving city traffic to the open highway. In real-world testing the Infiniti M35h has shown it can drive in electric-only mode for as much as 50% of the time on mixed routes. Even energy normally lost in deceleration or under braking is saved to help keep the batteries charged up.

Despite running in silent electric mode at every opportunity, the Infiniti M35h cannot surprise pedestrians and the visually impaired as it approaches thanks to Approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians (VSP). The first hybrid in the world to come with such a valuable safety feature as standard, VSP emits a pleasing, non-intrusive sound that varies in pitch and volume at vehicle speeds up to 30 km/h.

Innovative Hybrid Electric Power Steering (NH-EPS) and regenerative brakes, both developed especially for the Infiniti M35h in order to boost further its efficiency, are key technology highlights. The Infiniti M35h's petrol engine is a 3.5-litre V6 with 306 PS (225kW). It is part of the same family of V6s as the 3.7-litre unit in the M37 but with torque characteristics to complement the low-down pulling power - 270 Nm at 1770rpm - of the electric motor.

The Infiniti M35h is just as luxuriously trimmed and equipped as the other Infiniti M models while its 350-litre boot is capable of storing four golf-bags or two large suitcases. Prices for the Infiniti M35h , which will be offered in either GT or GT Premium grades, are due to be announced before the Geneva Motor Show in 2011.

February 2011

Infiniti M35h hybrid saloon on sale in the UK with RHD for £46,840 from April 2011. In its technology, performance, luxury and standard equipment, the M35h GT Premium model available in the UK is Infiniti’s flagship saloon, as well as being the most powerful and most economical model in the Infiniti M range. Over an equivalently specified M30d, the hybrid costs just £1,200 more.

The Infiniti M35h features a raft of cutting-edge engineering. At its heart is the Infiniti Direct Hybrid system, a new-generation drivetrain whose one electric motor/two clutch layout delivers performance and efficiency without compromises while enhancing the responsiveness essential for maximum driver appeal.

In addition the Infiniti M35h is equipped with innovative new hybrid electric power steering and regenerative braking, a hybrid dashboard display showing energy flows and a low-speed audible warning system (VSP) to help ensure the safety of pedestrians and other road users.

The 364 PS (359bhp) petrol/electric four-door’s combination of power and low emissions is unmatched in the sector by any petrol, diesel or hybrid rival. The M35h delivers 0-62mph acceleration in just 5.5 seconds with an official EUDC fuel consumption on the combined cycle of 40.4mpg. CO 2 emissions are 162g/km.

The Infiniti M35h joins the V6 petrol M37 and V6 diesel M30d to form a unique three-pronged attack on the European executive car segment. Prices of the entire Infiniti M range represent impressive value compared to equivalently powerful rivals when equipped to a comparable level.

The full M range pricing for the UK is as follows:

M37 GT £38,540
M30d GT £40,170
M37 GT Premium £44,010
M30d GT Premium £45,640
M35h GT Premium £46,840
M37 S £40,585
M30d S £42,215
M37 S Premium £46,050
M30d S Premium £47,680

Highlights of M35h equipment includes premium heated and ventilated semi-aniline leather front seats, White Ash wood trim with silver powder finish, bi-Xenon lights with adaptive front lighting system, power seats and steering column with heated steering wheel, a 30GB HDD navigation system with high-res touch screen, 3D graphics and Michelin Guide information, Forest Air climate control and a 16-speaker Bose Premium surround sound system. In the Dynamic Safety Shield, the M35h GT Premium has one of the most comprehensive anti-crash technologies available with systems that include Blind Spot Intervention, Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Prevention (LDP). Also present is Infiniti’s innovative Eco Pedal to help save fuel.

There is just one option: metallic paint at £679. The Infiniti M35h is in VED Band G, currently £155, much less than some equivalently powerful cars with higher CO2 emissions.

There are also savings to be made for British company car drivers. With the M35h’s CO2 emissions of 162g/km and taxable benefit at 22% of P11D value, a 40% taxpayer would face a bill of £4121 a year in 2011/12. That is less than the tax bill would be for the most powerful BMW 5-series diesel model available, and represents a near £2000 advantage for the Infiniti driver over a Jaguar XF V8 petrol of similar performance.

July 2012

M35h GT introduced

The choice for the world’s fastest-accelerating hybrid saloon has just got easier. A new M35h GT version of the record-breaking Infiniti V6 saloon delivers all the performance and low emissions for which the M35h is known – but at a considerably more attractive starting position. The additional model costs £3970 less than the M35h GT Premium which until now was the sole version available.

The Infiniti M35h GT arrives in Infiniti Centres from July, and in common with every new M the line-up benefits from a highly competitive new price structure as well as several enhancements, including a soft-closing boot function.

The additional entry model ensures Infiniti’s “no compromise” hybrid approach reaches as large a market as possible. A recent reduction in CO2 emissions further cuts running costs with both versions of the M35h falling below the important 160g/km tax threshold.

Previously the navigation system was available only as part of a package with 16-speaker Bose surround sound. But, in response to customer wishes, a new separate option of Connectiviti+, Infiniti’s navigation/entertainment system, has been introduced on GT and S models at a highly competitive £1800 – a price that also includes one of the most sophisticated climate control systems available, Forest Air.

The option, if taken, will add to the famously generous specification expected from any Infiniti product. On an ‘M’ these include such items as semi-aniline leather seat facings, heated and ventilated front seats, bi-Xenon headlights with Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS), alloy wheels and White Ash wood trim finished with real silver powder.

As before, M30d S, M30d S Premium and M37 S Premium add a sporting focus with larger alloy wheels, 4-Wheel Active Steering, and sports suspension, brakes and seats, along with black lacquer trim in the cabin.

Now well established in the range, Infiniti’s top-selling ‘Premium’ models are equipped with Infiniti’s complete suite of safety and convenience technologies including Blind Spot Intervention, Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Prevention (LDP).

The overall quality of the Infiniti M has also been recognised within the latest American J.D. Power Initial Quality Study. The Infiniti M came top of the Midsize Premium Car segment ahead of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class

3.0 V6 diesel
M30d GT £39,331
M30d GT Premium £43,301
M30d S £41,636
M30d S Premium £45,601
3.7 V6 petrol
M37 GT £37,366
M37 GT Premium £41,366
M37 S Premium £43,636
3.5 V6/electric Direct Response Hybrid
M35h GT £41,101 (additional model)
M35h GT Premium £45,071

December 2012

Infiniti changed its naming system. So out go G, M, EX and FX replaced by a simpler line-up of Q for saloons and convertibles with QX used for SUVs.

The firm is hoping a move to a new naming structure will reinvigorate interest with the whole product range getting the new names starting by the 2014 model year. The first new model launched will be the Q50, a sports saloon that replaces the current G37. Whereas the 37 signifies the engine size - a 3.7 litre petrol - the new system abandons that and instead the number represents the steps up in the range. So largers saloons will be called the Q60 and Q70.

What does a Infiniti M (2010 – 2013) cost?