Honda Civic Type R (2017–)

Model History

May 2017

Honda unveils Civic Type R

Sharing the same fundamentals as the new Civic hatchback, the new Type R has been 'engineered from the ground up to deliver the most rewarding drive in the hot-hatch segment – both on road and on the race track.'

The 2.0-litre VTEC Turbo engine of previous generation Type R has been optimised and refined and now produces 320PS with peak torque of 400Nm. Throttle response and driveability have improved thanks to optimised engine control settings.

The smooth and precise six-speed manual transmission is further improved by a rev match control system, ensuring no compromise in the Type R’s intimate, rewarding connection with the driver.

The new Type R takes the lighter, more rigid body shell of the new Civic hatchback and adds further use of adhesive in key areas. Compared to the previous Type R, torsional rigidity is further improved by 38%.

The front Macpherson strut suspension of the standard hatchback is revised with new geometry to minimise torque steer and maximise sporty handling. At the rear, the new independent multi-link system of the standard car is improved with the use of unique high rigidity suspension arms.

An enhanced selection of driving modes give the car greater usability compared to the previous Type R. A new ‘Comfort’ setting sits alongside agile ‘Sport’ and track-focused ‘+R’ modes. Each selection tailors the adaptive dampers, steering force, gear shift feeling and throttle response of the car on demand.

The all-new Type R has a more comprehensive aerodynamic package than the previous model, including a smoother underbody, front air curtain, a lightweight rear wing and vortex generators at the trailing edge of the roof line. The muscular, aggressive body has a best-in-class balance between lift and drag, contributing to greater high speed stability.

27 MPH/1,000rpm in 6th.

May 2017

Prices for Honda Civic Type R announced

The entry level model will cost £30,995 and the GT version will cost an additional £2,000 at £32,995 on the road. It's on sale in July.

As with the outgoing model, GT drivers will benefit from blind spot information including cross traffic monitor, dual zone climate control, auto dimming rear view mirror, Honda CONNECT with Garmin Navigation, wireless charging, high power audio, and LED front fog lights.

The 2.0-litre VTEC Turbo of the previous generation Civic Type R has been optimised and refined to produce 320 PS with peak torque of 400 Nm, while the six-speed manual transmission is further improved by a rev match control system. 25-10-2019: Aftermarket Space Sacver Spare for Civic Type R: Cheaper aftermarket space saver: 14-11-2019: reader report that Honda Civic FK8 models are now being delivered with a pedestrian safety "pop up hood system" to cushion any pedestrians the car may run into. Under the bonnet is a yellow backed warning symbol & note beside it “Pop Up Hood System”. Another feature (quite common from 2019) is that the proximity remote key actually has to be inside the car before the car will start, otherwise nothing happens and a key symbol comes up on the dash display.

What does a Honda Civic Type R (2017) cost?

Contract hire from £408.52 per month