Honda Civic IMA Hybrid (2003–2005)

Model History

March 2003

Logical development of the Insight in the Japanese/American Civic 4-door body, offering 5 seats and plenty of luggage capacity in same bodyshell as Thai Honda Civic 4-door.

Power unit is the 1,339cc i-DSI chain cam engine from the Jazz uprated to 92bhp and 115lb ft torque. This is married to a 10kW electric motor. The combination gives torque equivalent to a 1.6 litre engine, 104mph top speed, 0-60 in around 14 seconds and 57.6mpg combined.

5-speed manual rather than auto. Big advantage in London was that it was exempt from Congestion Tax.

January 2004

Launched at price of £15,013, with a £1,000 Powershift grant confirmed until March/ Further advantages include: Group 8 insurance, £70 VED, 12% BIK tax. Has standard 3 year 90,000 mile Honda warranty. plus a special 8 year 100,000 mile guarantee on the hybrid powertrain, including the niclkle metal hydride battery pack.

What does a Honda Civic IMA Hybrid (2003 – 2005) cost?

List Price from £19,710
Buy new from £16,867
Contract hire from £174.71 per month