Ford StreetKa (2003 – 2005) Review

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Ford StreetKa (2003 – 2005) At A Glance


+Pretty two-seater with a decent boot. Drives very well and is easy to live with.

-It's no sports car. Only two seats, which will rule it out for some buyers.

On average it achieves 94% of the official MPG figure

Looking for a Ford StreetKa (2003 - 2005)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

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Real MPG average for a Ford StreetKa (2003 – 2005)


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Average performance


Real MPG

28–39 mpg

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Bought a used car that's unsafe - what should I do?
"I bought a car for my daughter in July last year for £950 – a 2003 Ford Ka Streetcar, with 12 months MoT (corrosion advisory note). After five months, the car became difficult to steer, so she took it into a local garage/MoT station to have it looked at. She was told that the corrosion was so bad on the subframe that the chassis and the subframe had virtually parted company and that the car was dangerous to drive. She was also advised that there was no way that the car should have passed an MoT test just five months ago with such extensive corrosion and that repairs will be in excess of £1200. I have contacted the trader who sold us the vehicle and he says we 'haven't a leg to stand on' as it's over three months since we bought the car. I feel we should have compensation from him toward putting the car into a safe, roadworthy condition, which the 12 months MoT certificate led us to expect. Do we have any chance of recompense? "
The dealer is bluffing. Why should you believe him? He not only faces criminal prosecution for selling you a car in unsafe condition, if you take your case to the small claims track of the county court you will almost certainly win: law here: However, £950 is very cheap for a StreetKa convertible, and the MoT did have a corrosion advisory note.
Answered by Honest John
StreetKa cutting out
"I own a StreetKa and the problem is that it keeps cutting out when stopping at junctions and also when setting off. Can you help please?"
Throttle position sensor or idle control valve. May just be jammed up with fuel deposits so worth trying a fuel system cleaner in the tank.
Answered by Honest John
Putting wheels and tyres from a Ford KA onto a Ford Street KA
"I own a Ford KA running on 165/60/14 wheels and tyres; would the same wheels and tyres be interchangable with a Ford Street KA running on 16 inch wheels (195/45 R16 tyres)?"
If they have the same rolling circumference, probably yes. I think they are both standard four bolt fitting. But, of course, you have to disclose the modification to your insurer, or your insurance could be voided in the event of a smash.
Answered by Honest John
Which fun, cheap car is suitable for my daughter to learn to drive in?
"I have about £6000 to spend on a second car that will be fun to drive, cheap to run and suitable for my daughter to learn to drive in. I was considering a Panda 100HP or Fabia vRS, but I think maybe the Fabia is too fast for a new driver. Have you any alternative suggestions and what do you think of the Fiat?"
The Fiat Panda 100 is a fun small car that's not too fast and has proved pretty good in terms of reliability. Other small but sporty alternatives are the Mitsubishi Colt CZT, the Nissan Micra 160SR and the Ford SportKa.
Answered by David Ross

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