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Ford Focus (2004 – 2007) At A Glance


+Superb blend of keen handling and ride comfort. Seats five in comfort. five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating.

-Bland styling. Estates lack sufficient sound proofing. Turbo failure increasingly common on high mileage 1.6 TDCIs. DMF and DPF failures can also make a cheap Focus diesel very expensive.

On average it achieves 86% of the official MPG figure

The original Ford Focus set the benchmark by which all future hatchbacks will be judged for many years to come. So with such high expectations, replacing that car was no easy feat, but Ford managed to deliver with the second generation Ford Focus. Nothing else combines practicality with such a fine driving experience.

Even Volkswagen admitted that the qualities for the original Focus were its goal when designing the 2004 Golf. This Ford Focus moved the game on even further with improved refinement and quality, while the cabin has a more upmarket feel.

There were criticisms when it was first introduced. Mostly to do with the looks as many people thought it has lost its cutting edge styling and was bland as a result. But the spacious cabin and great handling more than made up for this and when Ford replaced this model with the new Ford Focus in 2008 (essentially a facelifted model) it freshened up the design up, giving it a much sharper look.

There's a great choice of engines available, both petrols and frugal TDCI diesels, plus there's the superb performance Ford Focus ST version. But whichever model you opt for, you'll be rewarded with a car that's enjoyable and easy to drive, whether it's in town or on the motorway.

The all round abilities of the Ford Focus are what has made it so popular and as a result there are no shortage of examples on the second hand market, so you'll be spoilt for choice.

 Ford Focus 2005 Range Road Test


Looking for a Ford Focus (2004 - 2007)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

Real MPG average for a Ford Focus (2004 – 2007)


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25–65 mpg

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I need to buy an diesel car on a £1000 budget. What's going to be reliable?
"I'm looking to buy a Ford Focus diesel as I drive an average of 600 miles per week for my job. Budget of about £1000 so 2004 to 2009 model years. Which is the best, most reliable diesel engine at this price? I know the miles will have to be high so what should I look out for? Thanks."
Most diesels for sale at this price will be worn out with sky high mileages. I do not think you'll get much value. I would recommend buying something smaller and petrol-powered, like the Fiesta 1.25 petrol. Ford's four-cylinder engine returns 50mpg on-the-road and has a bullet proof reputation for reliability:
Answered by Dan Powell
Should I claim for windscreen damage on my insurance or pay for it myself?
"I bought a 2005 Ford Focus with a cracked windscreen. It has no MoT and I've not put it on my insurance yet. Is it best for me to pay £160 to replace the windscreen or put the car on my insurance and then claim through my insurance window cover?"
As the windscreen was damaged prior to being placed on your insurance it would be fraudulent to claim for it. We would suggest you pay the £160 yourself.
Answered by Tim Kelly
Is it possible to service a new car yourself?
"I'm about to upgrade to a much newer Ford Focus. I have serviced my previous Focus myself for 10 years. What problems am I likely to come across with a three year old car? Is it still possible to service at home? Am I going to need any special tools?"
I can't recommend home servicing except on old bangers and classics, most importantly because you miss out on 'in service updates'.
Answered by Honest John
Would it be cheaper to get insurance on a Group 1, new car or an older car?
"I'm preparing to return to the road after a DDI ban - first (and last) offence, incurred accidentally. Obviously insurance is going to be an issue, but would you suggest buying a more modern (and more expensive) car in insurance Group 1 or a cheaper and older but more user-friendly 5-door that's worth less (e.g. a 12-year-old Focus for under £1000)? If the premiums are too heavy, I'm also considering going down the classic route for a year or two with something like a Morris Minor or Triumph Herald."
Newer car is definitely the way to go, as the insurer will perceive you as less liable to drink and drive again in the future due to the cost attached. I would suggest using price comparison websites and using different vehicles to see what prices come up based on your history. I may be wrong, so it is worth checking. The classic car route is definitely an option, but would not cover you to and from a place of work usually.
Answered by Tim Kelly

What does a Ford Focus (2004 – 2007) cost?

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