FIAT Panda 4x4 (2005–2012)

What's good

Impressively capable off road.

What to watch out for

Hand brake cables can be worn where they pass along the rear suspension arm and are held by a semi-circular clip from below but above this is a small triangular plate with a hole in the middle which abrades the Bowden cable.

In icy, snowy or very wet conditions the dashboard shows up a "4x4 mode unavailable" fault, which seems to relate to the electronic systems associated with 4x4 as the basic 4x4 system still cuts in when required. The problem seems to show itself within the first 2-3000 miles of the car's life and is cured by replacement of a electropneumatic valve/solenoid. The matter has been discussed at length on the New Panda section of and, given the low sales of this car, appears to be a very common occurrence.

An intermittent noise, sometimes very loud, developed from the rear of the vehicle. This was eventually diagnosed as binding rear brakes and the callipers were replaced under warranty.

3-6-2011: Panda 4x4 failed its first MOT on 6th April due to excess play in the nsf lower ball joint and was therefore considered too dangerous to be driven away. Fixed under warranty.

3-5-2017: Report of intermittend EPAS failure on 2010 FIAT Panda 4x4.

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