FIAT Multipla (2004–2010)

What's good

Rides well.

Strong MultiJet diesel engines.

What to watch out for

Has lost its character.

Timing belts, tensioners and pulleys need replacing every 36k - 40k miles. Also need new waterpumps because pumps are driven by timing belts and if they fail the belt gets flung off.

10-2-2011: Problems with 2008 Eleganza JTD. EGR valve, mass Air flow sensor, thermostat x 2, ECU, CD Radio x7 (I think, as I started to lose count and interest!), Air conditioning x 2, handbrake cables – perished rubbers allowing cable to freeze in winter due to ingress of water. With the exception of the one thermostat and handbrake cables replaced just before Christmas 2010 all the rest have been in about the first 24 months of the cars life and in most instances each necessitated return journeys as parts were not available to effect the repair on the day in question. The vehicle now has 27,500 miles on the clock.

14-3-2011: Late model diesels with DPFs seem to be particularly vulnerable to EGRs andf DPFs blocking if repeatedly used for short runs from cold starts. Dealer quoted £2,300 to fix.

25-4-2013: More problems with DPFs and EGRs on the sanitised Multipla facelift: Blocked DPF, then trying to keep the system sweet by regular 50 mile spins up the M1. Then stung with a £600 bill for a blocked EGR Valve (including £75 for the diagnostic test).

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