Fiat Bravo (2007–2014)

Model History

January 2007

Fiat Bravo launched

In UK from summer 2007.Compact five-door body with a remarkable amount of interior space: 4,340mm x 1,790mm x 1,490mm high, with wheelbase of 2600mm and a loading capacity of 400 litres that tops its class.

Choice of engines, which include the popular turbodiesel 1.9 MultiJets (120 and 150 bhp), the 90 bhp 1.4, and a new family of turbocharged T-JET petrol engines (120 and 150 bhp 1.4 Turbo) that will be making their debut, combining low fuel consumption with outstanding performance. Similar long wheelsbase design to Toyota Auris.

120bhp version of the 1.4 T-Jet went on sale in UK late September 2007 from £12,895 for the Bravo 1.4 T-Jet 120 Active.

New 1.6 MultiJet belt cam (not chain) 16v engine, announced February 2008, promises sparkling performance, outstanding torque, increased noise suppression and lower running costs for the Bravo range. The addition also makes Bravo the first car in its category to be fitted with a Euro 5-compliant engine, well ahead of the 2009 deadline.

The new Bravo 1.6 MultiJet is also available with a special eco-package in 105 bhp form. In addition to revised engine ECU settings, this ‘Eco’ pack employs special measures to optimise aerodynamics, and incorporates low rolling resistance tyres and ‘taller’ gear ratios to return some outstanding fuel consumption and CO2 figures: 62.7 mpg in the combined cycle (an increase of some 5 mpg on the standard 105 bhp 1.6 MultiJet) and CO2 emissions of just 119 g/km.

The new 1.6 MultiJet has four cylinders in line, 16 valves, and a displacement of 1,598 cc. Two different engines are being produced: one developing 105 bhp at 4000 rpm and torque of 290 Nm (214 lb ft) at 1500 rpm; the other developing 120 bhp at 4000 rpm and torque of 300 Nm (221 lb ft) at 1500 rpm. Both engines come with a manual six-speed gearbox.

These engines are boosted by either electronically-controlled fixed-geometry (105 bhp version) or variable-geometry (120 bhp version) turbochargers, to enhance power output while providing very high torque even at low revs. Compared with the current Fiat 1.9 MultiJet 120 bhp unit, the 1.6 MultiJet series represents an important step forward – with the same power, torque is improved by almost 25 per cent at 1500 rpm, and consumption is reduced by eight per cent.

  • 1.6 MultiJet 16v 105 bhp: 116mph, 0-60 11.0 secs, 57.6mpg combined, 129g/km CO2.
  • 1.6 MultiJet 16v 105 bhp (with specific pack): 116mph, 0-60 11.0 secs, 62.7mpg combined. 119g/km CO2.
  • 1.6 MultiJet 16v 120 bhp: 121mph, 0-60 10.2 secs, 57.6mpg combined, 129g/km C02.

Starting price of £13,595 OTR for Active 1.6 16v MultiJet 105, with fuel economy of up to 62.7mpg on the combined cycle, and low CO2 emissions, starting at a tax beating 119g/km. Makes it ideal for company drivers seeking to minimise BIK tax.

December 2008

New 2.0 MultiJet. 165 bhp 2.0 MultiJet unit features a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and is type-approved to Euro 5 standards, ahead of the 2009 deadline. Main benefits are greater performance (torque increased to 360 Nm, and power up to 165 bhp), reduced emissions (down to just 139 g/km) and lower fuel consumption (53 mpg over the combined cycle). Top speed is 134 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph takes just 7.9 seconds.

The new Bravo 2.0 MultiJet starts at £16,855 OTR for the Dynamic, rising to £17,155 OTR for the Sport. Actually on sale from 6-2-2009.

June 2009

New special edition Fiat Bravo coincides with an International charity driving tour which will take the cars from capital cities across Europe to Turin, Italy. The Fiat Bravo MSN Special Series is the result of a collaboration between Fiat and internet giant MSN and includes advanced radio navigation and infomatic systems such as Instant Nav and Blue&Me.

Based on a Bravo 1.4 16V it is also fitted with some of the latest Sony Ericsson mobile phone technology, custom-made for this car, which will allow direct access to the MSN portal. The Bravo MSN Special Series costs £13,255 OTR – the equivalent of a standard 1.4 16V Active, but offers customers £2,700 in free extra equipment. As well as the navigation and comms kit, the specially-badged car also gets distinctive Tempesta Grey pearlescent paint, 17-inch alloy wheels and a leather steering wheel.

August 2011

An impressive list of standard equipment is one of the highlights of the new Fiat Bravo MyLife, the latest car to be included in Fiat’s feature model collection of well-equipped, high value versions.

Based on the range’s Active trim, the new Bravo MyLife is powered by Fiat’s widely acclaimed MultiJet 105bhp diesel engine. But it’s the additional equipment that makes the car stand out, especially as much of it gives the Bravo MyLife a distinctive, sporty look.

The long list of equipment includes 16-inch alloy wheels, Blue&Me entertainment and communication system, leather steering wheel with audio controls, ESP stability control, air conditioning, electric front windows and driver, passenger and side airbags. The Fiat Bravo 1.6 16v MultiJet 105 MyLife costs £17,500 OTR.

Meanwhile, the already successful Bravo Active version has been given a more stylish look with the help of a special gloss-black finish B pillar, new piano black upper and lower front grille, chrome upper front grille frame and chrome door handles. Fiat Bravo Active pricing starts at £15,200 OTR for the 1.4 Active 90hp, rising to £17,200 OTR for the 1.6 16v MultiJet 105 Active Eco.

What does a Fiat Bravo (2007 – 2014) cost?