Audi TT Roadster (2007–2015)

What's good

Audi TT 2008: 2nd highest first time MoT pass rate (89%) for models numbering more than 2000. Audi TT 2007: 4th highest first time MoT pass rate (88%) for models numbering more than 2000.

Very few reported problems over seven years.

What to watch out for

Strongly advise against optional 19-inch wheels as without 'magnetic' suspension they make the ride very stiff.

With DSGs and S-matics, protective software can delay the message from brake switch to ECU that brakes have been released, allowing car to enter a junction or roundabout on the fuel in the combustion chambers, then momentarily shut off mid-junction.

Be aware of the difficulty of matching Audi exclusive paint colours after an accident and also their effect on residuals.

£500 optional Nappa leather seats seem to suffer premature wear and sagging.

6-7-2013: Clutch life of a 270PS TTS can be as short as 20k miles.

30-6-2016: Report of Audi TT 1.8TFSI roadster needing new waterpump at 32k miles, quoted £679.

19-11-2016: Report of dashboard ESP warning light coming on intermittently on an 18k mile 2008 Audi TT Mk II 3.2VR6 s-tronic roadster. Wheel realignment made no difference. Replacing ESP wheel sensor made no difference. Strange occasional 'bang' from under the car when brakes applied. Otherwise running fine. Eventually turned out to be a faulty brake pedal switch/sensor, cured by replacing the switch ast a cost of £20.

19-6-2017: Report that 2012 Audi TT needed a new exhaust at 30,000 miles at a cost of £650.

21-2-2018: Report of high oil consumption from EA888 engine of 2010 Auti TT Roadster 1.8TSI 160 Roadster. Goes from full to oil light on in 500 miles.


28-9-2011: VOSA Confirmation of Injectors Recall.

Thank you for notifying Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA) of theproblems experienced with your vehicle. I can confirm theinvestigation into this fault is now complete.

Following detailednegotiations between VOSA and the vehicle manufacturer, VW-Audi Group (VAG) has agreed to replace all the injectors originally fitted to VAG group vehicles.

If any of the original injectors has already been replaced, VAGwill reimburse customers who have paid for this work themselves even if thework was completed outside of their authorised network.

If your vehilce is within the range of vehilces affected then all fourinjectors will be replaced free of charge.

To progress repairs and/or obtain a refund you should now contact the relevant VAG Customer Service Centre. Ifnecessary, they will arrange to have your vehicle inspected at anauthorised repairer free of charge. The contact telephone number you need to ring is 0800 0833914 and ask to speak toJenny Boyd or Stefan Elliott.

VOSA will continue to work closely with the VW-Audi Group to ensure that this issue is concludedas swiftly as possible.

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