Audi A8 (2010 – 2017) Review

Audi A8 (2010 – 2017) At A Glance


+The ultimate in luxurious travel. Superb refinement and a pleasure to travel in. Good to drive with agile handling. 3.0 TDI offers remarkable economy for such a large car. High-tech and stylish interior.

-Apart from the dominant grille, styling is nondescript.

New prices start from £68,275
Insurance Groups are between 40–50
On average it achieves 81% of the official MPG figure

The third generation Audi A8 of 2010 is an understated and extremely classy car. There is nothing about its styling an onlooker has to get used to. It looks exactly like a big, luxurious limousine should look

To travel inside there are few better cars on the road and its amazing refinement, sheer quality and clever yet useful on-board technology make it the perfect flagship to the Audi range. Whether you're behind the wheel, or lucky enough to be sitting in the back, the Audi A8 is a delightful car to be in.

Its forte is long distance cruising, which it manages in effortless and cosseting style, helped by an advanced adaptive air suspension system and a superb range of powerful yet smooth engines. The pick is actually the smallest engine in the form of the 3.0 TDI quattro - a powerplant perfectly suited to the refined Audi A8.

An aluminium body ensures weight is kept to a minimum which has huge benefits for both handling and economy. The 3.0 TDI is capable of impressive fuel economy with some versions achieving close to 50mpg - according to the official figures that is. The Audi A8 also handles very well with an agility and composure in corners that belies its size.

Add to that a sumptous and elegant cabin with acres of rear space and it's easy to see why the A8 is such a wonderful car to travel in. The interior oozes class with its impeccable quality and a host of advanced systems including satellite navigation with 3D mapping that actually 'talks' to the gearbox and lets it know when there are corners to avoid unneccesary gear changes.

Other cars in this class may look more distinctive from the outside, but none can quite match the all round abilities of the Audi A8. Its effortless style helps create that crucial 'feelgood factor' that means every journey is always a pleasure. 

Real MPG average for a Audi A8 (2010 – 2017)


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21–54 mpg

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What's the best big engined car for £3000?
"I have a small budget of about £3000 and I see I can afford old Chrslyer 300C, old Audi A8 or A6, old BMW 7 Series and a big Lexus. I like big engined cars, so which do you think ages better and will possibly cost less in the long run? In summary, best stupid car for £3000."
Honestly? They could all cost a fortune to keep on the road. An old Lexus is probably your best option but even then you'll need deep pockets for maintenance and fuel costs.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Can I reject my used car?
"I bought a 2010 Audi A8 last year, but have always felt that something was not quite right with it. The problems started under light acceleration, with a lag in power then a sudden surge. I initially put it down to my getting used to the car, but eventually had it checked by the dealer who reported no fault. However, the problems continued and, after visits to the dealer, I decided to go elsewhere and have it checked at a local garage. The next day the garage reported that the car surged twice under a test run and the computer showed a number of faults: U111300 Functional Impairment due to received fault value P034100 Camshaft position sender G40 Implausible signal P049100 Secondary Air system bank 1 Flow too low The car is now back with the dealer (where it has been for three weeks) and my question is: can I reject the car? "
It's a bit late to reject the car under Clegg v Olle Andersson, House of Lords, 2003. And if the dealer contests it, taking the case to the County Court, you could face costs of £15,000 with no guarantee of a favourable result. However, you can demand that the dealer who sold you the car either repairs it or pays for it to be repaired, and you can sue for that in small claims for up to £10,000. I think the dealer knows there is something wrong and that it could be expensive to fix, and that's why he is stalling. Audi has been known to play about with the mapping of this engine for various reasons and that might be the root of the problem. Law:
Answered by Honest John
Which luxury car offers reliability and quiet running?
"The time has arrived when I would like to treat myself to a bit of luxurious motoring. I want a comfortable, quiet, reliable saloon car, up to £25,000. Fuel economy is not an issue as I do not do many miles. My short list comprises: Jaguar XF or XJ, Mercedes S-Class or Volkswagen Phaeton. What are your thought on these options. Would you throw anything else into the mix?"
Current shape XJs start at £25,000 retail for a 2009, so you are in with a shout. XF 3.0 275 diesels are easier to find, but there will be confusion with the 240 diesel. 5.0 V8s are great fun to drive and are going cheap. I'm more of a fan of them than of the Phaeton, but a Phaeton is still a lot of car that not many people want, so for not much money (the Bentley Continental is based on it). There is always a market for W221 S-Class diesels. There's even one of them in my local station taxi rank. They seem to have had fewer problems than the previous W220 S-Class. Don’t forget Audi A8s. Most exotic in this class is probably a Maserati Quattroporte.
Answered by Honest John
Should I buy a large capacity diesel for short journeys?
"I am considering buying a 2008 Range Rover TDV8, a 2010 Audi A8 TDI or a 2010 Jaguar XJ 3-litre diesel. Although I drive some long distance trips, predominately my journeys are under five miles. Do I need to be concerned about the diesel implications?"
Definitely. You are highly likely to have DPF and EGR problems. These are big engines that create a lot of soot from unburned hydrocarbons on start up. The DPF collects this soot to be burned off at high temperatures later in the vehicle's journey. If there is no "later" the DPF does not get hot enough for this to happen and eventually becomes choked with unburned hydrocarbon soot.
Answered by Honest John

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