Alfa Romeo Giulia (2016–)

What's good

Five star Euro NCAP rating. 98% adult occupant safety, 81% child occupant safety, 69% pedestrian safety, 60% safety assist.

What to watch out for

19-11-2017: Numerous issues reported with March 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0 200 Auto since September 2017: to dealer for software updates, then oil light came on during a long run. Dealer drained the oil and re-filled with right amount but light remained on, so dealer has ordered new part. Suspect Oil level rose because DPF was not regenerating properly. Latest problem is that parking brake will not release. (Think same car as 11-8-17).

25-6-2018: Report of Alfa Guilia diesel engine running at more than 800 revs foot-off, coupled with rough running. Dealer reported: " We have successfully installed the new injector on cylinder No.2. We have carried out a road test and the rough running is still present. The technical case is still on going. As the injector did not cure the issue, the diagnosis will not be complete once we fit the high pressure pipe. I need my Technician to confirm if the vehicle is safe to drive once we install the pipe. I hope to have some news soon with regards to curing the rough running issue. We have been in touch with Alfa Technical who are providing assistance with rectifying the rough running issue. We have checked for any fault codes, none were found. We checked the parameters and your vehicle looks to have recently carried out a DPF regeneration, which could be a cause for the rough running. After further investigation, the technician identified an issue with injector no. 2. We are going to replace the injector and the pipes. All the pipes are here except the high pressure pipe. New pipes will need to be fitted before we can release the vehicle as the high pressure pipe may leak after it has been disturbed. Replacing the pipes is a standard practice for this repair." We wondered if the owner had been attempting to run it on cheap ordinary diesel instead of Super.

28-8-2018: Report of series of catastrophes with May 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, bought from Mangoletsi of Knutsford, but serviced and repaired by WLMG in Reading. from beginning the car had a "terrible brake squeal and rumble". WLMG agreed that it was not correct and discussed with Alfa Romeo in Italy who confirmed it was a known problem and were waiting for a ‘fix' to become available. The car was off the road for 4 days for this investigation. The noise continued and despite several enquiries to the dealer no updates were forthcoming. In December 2017 the near-side front headlamp dismantled itself internally leaving it permanently on High Beam and making the vehicle unuseable until it was fixed. Alfa Romeo was restructuring its parts supply chain so owner without the vehicle for 3 weeks. Courtesy car provided. Owner again reminded dealewr about brake noise. Car then suffered an electrical glitch that stopped wipers and washers and various functions from operating. WLMG was able to re-flash the software and all was ok again. At first service in April 2018 owner again I brought up the brake noise issue. WLMG requested the car for 2 days to investigate again and provided a FIAT 500 courtesy car, but owner did not get the Giulia back for 5 weeks later. All 4 brakes were re-assembled and a convoluted brake bedding in procedure was done. Then in July 2018 owner returned to the car at a Heathrow carpark to find it with the boot wide open, all doors unlocked and the windows down - at 11.30 at night. Owner tried to use the key fob to reset the alarms and locks, etc. This all worked ok and the car started but the lights went crazy: dash warned that no indicators, driving lights or parking lights were working. Then, after once again resetting using the key fob headlights began to strobe as they switched on an off automatically. Owner again reset and had headlights but no high beam, no indicators or driving lights. Once back home owner locked the car with the key fob and all appeared to be ok but 30 minutes later the alarm went off, the boot had popped open and the windows had again lowered. He had to leave it without being locked or alarm set after getting everything closed again. Next day car recovered to WLMG and the problem investigated. Needed a new wiring harness for both body and engine bay and a new body control module and will be off the road for 5 weeks. Alfa Romeo hired owner an Audi Q5 for the duration. Owner wants Alfa Romeo to either refund or replace the car as it is clearly "not of merchantable quality". Lost 11 weeks of use in 15 months of ownership.

4-11-2018: Report of "overwhelming smell of fumes" getting into cabin of June 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0T auto. Took to local dealership, where the mechanic also smelt the fumes, and identified then as transmission fluid fumes. Alfa Romeo authorised them to replace the pollen filter with a new carbon one. The smell is not as strong, but it is still there, when stopping at roundabouts, traffic lights etc. after a longer journey. Two conversations with Alfa Customer Care unhelpful. ZF 8HP auto not normally problematic.

3-2-2019: Two separate reports received the same day that wide front tyres of Giulia 2.0 280PS tend to chunter on full lock, especially when the tyres are cold.

3-2-2019: Report that stop/start battery on Alfa Guilias loses capacity rapidly in low mileage cars (7,000 miles in 18 months) leading to a lot of replacement batteries under warranty. Stocks are not kept in the UK so each new battery has to be individually ordered from Italy and takes 1 - 2 weeks to arrive, but the reason for this is that the battery has been revised and now has a different part number.

15-2-2019: Another report of front tyre chuntering on a 2018 Giulia 2.2 diesel, this time on sensible 17-inch wheels. "Steering is really noisy and juddering/cracking on full and partial lock, which is even worse from cold." Local Alfa dealer says it affects all Guilia and Stelvio and Alfa are aware of it, but state there is nothing wrong with it. and it's just a characteristic.

23-2-2019: Further report of May 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, bought from Mangoletsi of Knutsford, but serviced and repaired by WLMG in Reading (see 28-8-2018). Car was eventually fully rewired but this took 3 months to complete. It was returned and owner ‘negotiated’ an extension to warranty and 2 years free servicing and additionally the supply of an extra set of wheels with winter tyres fitted. All was fine until before Christmas and then more electrical gremlins began: door open warning would pop up, interior lights would switch on when driving down the motorway - loss of all dash illumination etc. This then stopped of its own accord and until 2 weeks ago the car ran ok apart from the A pillar interior trims both falling off because they clearly hadn’t been clipped in properly at the time of the re-wire. Now a total electrical failure has occurred again and it has been off the road 2 weeks and there is still no confirmation of what the cause of the fault is. Owner is using a Volvo V90 hire car. However the 22 weeks this car has been off the road in 21 months of ownership is driving him insane.

23-4-2019: Fault reported with March 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2 JTDM-2 180 auto. Three roadside failures. Cause traced to faulty battery. Horn stopped working. It took a week for the dealer to trace the wiring fault. Found out that the auto engine stop had also - er - stopped. Owner hadn't noticed as he routinely turns it off anyway. Engine warning light displayed. Two weeks in dealer workshop revealed failed intake manifold swirl motor. Dealer also undertook a modification on the engine bay wiring as it seems there have been problems with water intrusion. This work has meant engine also has had a new cam belt fitted.


Unknown dates: TSB recall for brake pipe routing, electrical harness replacement and a software upgrade.

12-3-2018: R/2018/12. Alfa Romeo Giulia. BRAKE AND/OR CLUTCH SYSTEM COMPONENTS MAY BECOME DAMAGED BY MINERAL OIL. he brake/clutch system components may be damaged and system performance may decay as a result of the potential presence of mineral oil in the brake-clutch fluid because the components are not compatible with mineral oil. As a result brake/clutch system performance may deteriorate. FIX: Replace the components in the brake-clutch system. VINs: ZARFAGAU0J7C03652 to ZASFAKPNXJ7C02963 and ZAREAEAV1J7581159 to ZARFAEENXJ7580400. Build dates: 14-11-2017 to 15-12-2017.

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