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Your advice to PT on Morgans was, as usual, a very fair and erudite comment. I'm not sure about them being relatively high maintenance though. My experience of the current range (we drive a 2008 Plus 4)...
I am looking to buy a sports car to use at weekends. I have up to £22,000 to spend, but don’t want a car that will cost me an arm and a leg to maintain. At present, I’m thinking Morgan or Porsche. What...
When I eventually change my BMW Z4 35is, I think that the natural choice would be a Boxster S. However, I have no need for a practical car at all and wonder if a Morgan (perhaps a 2-litre 4-seater) would...
I was recently on a Classic Car Tour in Italy in my 2005 Morgan Roadster. While there, the rubber hose from the fuel filler cap to the fuel tank split open and allowed petrol to cascade onto a very hot...
After fitting a new battery, my little Morgan 4/4 started ok after hibernation. But it's not running sweetly and I put it down to tired petrol; 3/4 full and at least nine months old. What shall I do?
The steering lock of my Morgan 4/4 has never been brilliant but it is now almost non-existent on right hand lock. On left hand lock it is good. Can you tell me what has gone wrong?
I am about to buy a V6 roadster from a main dealer. What discount can I expect on a used car of about four years old? What is the expected discount on a new Roadster with delivery mileage only.
I'm trying to decide between two cars for sale at the same price; one is light, fast, uncomplicated and uncomfortable, the other is heavy, fast, complicated and comfortable. I know about Morgan +8s but...
I have been given a Morgan Plus 8 as a gift and don't know if I should sell or keep it a while longer, if it will get me better money. It is a mint condition 1988 Plus 8 in cream with red leather, fully...

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