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Is it normal for the engine to sound more like a diesel than petrol engine?
Are Volkswagen's 1.0-litre petrol engines any good?
I'm thinking of buying either a Toyota Aygo or a Kia Picanto. The Aygo is small and cheaper than the Picanto 1.2 that I fancy. Which would be best please? I only do 4500 miles a year. Am I right to go...
Are three-cylinder engines reliable?
We have an Audi A1 with a 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine. Do we have to leave the engine running after a 30-mile drive to settle the oil?
After we test drove A Ford Fiesta 1.0, we looked under the bonnet and the expansion tank was bubbling. We were told this is the car cooling down as it has an ecoboost in it, we would like to know if this...
What's the best first car for an 18 year old driver? I need something older and cheap. My budget is about £1500 - £2500. Also, how do I check if the car has any issues, i.e. outstanding finance, been involved...
In the main, I only drive twice a day for 1.3 miles each way. Should I keep the Lexus IS 2.5 V6 petrol or swap to a small petrol car, or even a hybrid like the Toyota Yaris?
Which cars would you recommend for young drivers?
I'm a single mum of a 17 year old boy and would like to buy him a car so he is independent and I can work more hours. I have a small budget of about £2500 - £3000 pounds at the most. What car would you...

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