I didn't know short runs could damage a diesel car - should I change my diesel Mazda 6?

Although I really like my diesel Mazda 6, I had no knowledge regarding the DPF i.e. short runs not doing it any good. Are there any other cars with as good a spec as the Mazda 6, which are less complicated? Or should I call the garage I bought it from and ask when the DPF was last looked at?

Asked on 4 January 2018 by Peter cafferty

Answered by Honest John
If you don't want DPF problems from a diesel due to repeated short runs then the only answer is to get rid of it and get a petrol, petrol electric or electric car. If you regularly drive significant distances in your Mazda you probably won't have a problem. Always open the door before switching off and if you smell an acrid smell, keep driving for another 5-10 miles to ensure active regeneration is complete. Check your engine oil level weekly and if it starts to rise get the car to a dealer for an oil change.
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