Why does our diesel Nissan X-Trail need work done because we don't drive it enough?

I was sold a brand new Nissan X-Trail diesel almost two years ago. I told the dealer that we only travel around 8000 miles a year and now I'm being told the car needs £300 of work due to not being driven enough.

Asked on 8 November 2017 by Paul

Answered by Honest John
It's having DPF issues. I ran a Kadjar for a year and 20,000 miles with the same Renault 1.6 DCI 130 engine and, even at that mileage, if I ran repeated short runs from cold, I could promote active regeneration a couple of times and then needed to take the car for a 5-10 mile run to complete the active regeneration. Your 8000 miles is less of a factor than the lengths of the individual journeys. If most of them are 100 miles or more, no problem. If most of them are less than 10 miles you will have problems, especially if you shut off the engine while it is actively regenerating.
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