How do we go about restarting a car that's being stood for several years?

In 2012 our older brother bought a tatty 2003 Porsche Carrera 996. He had the engine completely rebuilt and was well into the restoration when he got ill. It seems he's not going to get well enough to continue working on it so my other brother and I want to get the car going for him. The last time it was started was about two years ago. The cooling system has been drained down and the air con system does not have any pressure. Any idea what checklist we need to go through before turning the key? We're both retired engineers so we have time and are practical. The car has been kept in a modern dry garage. We did contact the local Porsche dealer for advice but they would only say they would collect it on a trailer and go through in the workshop - but to expect a bill around £500 - £600. We think we could do this work ourselves. It's the 3.6L Carrera 2 Targa.

Asked on 15 January 2018 by Paul Smythe

Answered by Alan Ross
You are in a position to start the engine if all the all bodywork, braking system and steering have been checked. You'll also need to check the tyres and exhaust system and the condition of the battery. And think about how old the fuel in the tank is. If you're unsure, drain and refill it with fresh fuel.

First, remove the plugs and put a small amount of engine oil into each cylinder and turn the engine over by hand a few cycles so making sure that the cylinders are not too dry. Then carry out a complete check (or replacement) of the ignition system. Remove and test the Injectors (if not done on the rebuild) and drain and replace the engine oil plus filters. Replace the fuel filter and also check and replace the air filter if necessary. Next check or replace any coolant hoses and change the brake/clutch fluid. It's wise to change any drive belts as required and carry out a pressure test on the cooling system .
There may be other areas that we have not covered, so you may want to contact the Porsche owners club, as we are sure they will have more detailed information. Hopefully the Porsche will be back on the road soon.
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