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I received an NIP for speeding nearly two months after the offence. Is it valid?

One of the motorcycles I own was caught on a Gatso fixed speed camera. I got the first letter on 15 September 2010, asking if it was me or who it was. The alleged offence was on 23 July 2010. What should i do?

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A NIP should be sent out to the registered keeper at the address held by the DVLA within 14 days of the offence and this will normally be accompanied by a Request for Information. The question arises as to whether you recently bought the motorcycle or whether you have recently changed address. If it had previously been served on an old address then the NIP is likely to still be valid.

It is very unusual for a NIP not to be properly served but if this is true in your particular case then the case will fall on procedural grounds. However you still need to comply with the request for information. Please advise any circumstances whereby you believe the NIP might have been served so late in order that I can advise further. If there are no such reasons I can almost certainly assist in getting the case withdrawn.
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