My clutch went flat to the floor and now all gears are hard to engage - what's the issue?

I was driving my 2005 Volkswagen Sharan today and the clutch pedal went flat to the floor, as if it lost pressure. It returned to half way up since then, but now to where it should be. I can't get the car into reverse gear and all the other gears are difficult to engage. I checked the brake fluid and it doesn't look like it lost any, but I only drove the car a short distance when this happened. Could it be the seals? What do you think the issue could be?

Asked on 25 November 2017 by yaris d4d

Answered by Honest John
Reads to me as if either the clutch master cylinder or the clutch slave cylinder are failing. If you have not lost any fluid then suspect the master cylinder piston seal. If that has failed, the fluid would still be retained in the system without leakage externally.
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