How do I read the VIN number for my Ford Focus which I purchased here in Thailand?

I live in Thailand and this week purchased a new Ford Focus TDCi 5Dr 2.0L Sport. The car is great but firstly I cannot find a metal VIN plate. There is a plastic sticker on the door pillar and the number is etched on the side of a component under the bonnet. The Ford dealership said it doesn't have a metal VIN plate. The main problem, however, is that when I entered the VIN into several of the free VIN check sites, each one stated the VIN was invalid. I researched how the VIN is composed and from what I have read, the ninth character is the check digit, arrived at by multiplying predetermined letter values by a weighted number, dividing by 11 and the remainder should be the ninth character unless the remainder is 0 when an X is used. My ninth character is A. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Asked on 4 September 2010 by surinrog

Answered by Honest John
You should be able to see the VIN through the bottom of the windscreen on a plate attached to the top left-hand side of the dash, where it is near impossible to tamper with. Glass's Guide Checkbook gives build months from the last two digits of the VIN, but they do not correspond to the sequence you have given. 2010 build months all start with A. 2009 build months all start with 9. The second digits are not in sequence.
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