Should we idle our turbo after a motorway journey?

I understand the issue with red-hot turbos carbonising the oil if they are switched off immediately after a motorway journey, especially with diesels like ours. How long should they be idled before switching off? If we have a five minute drive from the motorway on country roads, is that enough? Is it safe to switch off for brief periods before restarting? I'm thinking about stops at motorway service areas for a drink - about 10-15 minutes, or for a meal - about 25-35 minutes. Would either of these cause problems?

Asked on 10 September 2017 by YorkshireJumbo

Answered by Honest John
Your five minutes relaxed drive after the motorway would probably be enough. But give it a minute before switching off when you stop on the motorway. If it has stop start you will probably find that will not switch the engine off if the turbo is too hot. Also idle after long ascents and after towing.
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