Why does the filter warning light come up on my Honda Civic diesel?

I bought a Honda Civic diesel in October 2013 and have had filter problems for the past two months. I'm retired and don't drive long distances, so the filter icon lit up on the dashboard. When I took it to Honda, they told me to run it down the motorway and it would clear the filter. I ran it in third gear at about 55mph a few times over about six weeks, but it didn't clear. The engine icon light came on as well. I took it into Honda again, they said they had to regen the engine, or the filter, I don't quite understand what they mean. However, I was told yesterday that the regen didn't work and I've been told that the final bill is £997. Does this not seem a bit steep for a 2013 car? Can you give me any advice?

Asked on 29 June 2017 by James Lennie

Answered by Honest John
Quite simply you bought the wrong car. For the type of use you were going to put it to you should not have bought a diesel. This is actually the best 1.6 diesel you can buy. Not normally trouble. But it's wrong for the way you use a car. Swap it for a car with a petrol engine, or a petrol hybrid.
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