Has the emissions fix ruined the DSG in my Volkswagen Touran?

I took my Volkswagen Touran along for the emissions fix last Tuesday. The very next day, the car lost power at 40mph. The same thing occurred the next day and the next. On Saturday I stopped at a roundabout, when I went to enter the roundabout the car limped and then stopped completely (with a car approaching to my side). I organised to get the car returned to Volkswagen, who have said that it's nothing to do with emissions fix but they need to carry out a check (not necessarily a fix) as the codes they can see are to do with DSG failure for £800 plus VAT. There's apparently nothing recorded at Volkswagen to show that the fault is anyway related to the emissions software update. They ran a health check as part of the service and nothing to do with the gearbox was flagged. I'm sure that it is the update as it was an immediate problem after the fix and the car was working fine before it went in for the fix. It's currently undriveable.

Asked on 19 May 2017 by Jo Smith

Answered by Honest John
I doubt this. I think the NOx emissions fix has affected the operation of the engine which in turn has affected the DSG. If the engine was running properly there would probably be no problem with the DSG. The NOx fix means that the engine creates more soot and often a work EGR cannot cope with this. I think that's what has happened in your case. Trouble is, a new EGR is about £1000.
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