Can you help with running problems in my Ford Puma?

I'm after information regarding my 1.7 VCT Ford Puma. I have had bad running issues for some time now. Basically, when I start the car from cold the engine revs up to around 3000rpm and slowly settles as it warms up. I have given it a major service and changed the air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, oil filter, filled it with new 5w/30 oil, changed the coil pack, HT leads, MAF, ICV (idle control valve), TPS (throttle position sensor), Lambda sensor, power assisted steering switch wire, coolant temperature sensor, air charge sensor, crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor. It's also had new injectors and seals and a clutch position sensor, and I've checked the timing using the proper kit. Any ideas?

Asked on 19 August 2010 by StuartB4

Answered by Alan Ross
Given that you have done so much already,and that there are differing types of fuel injection systems fitted to different cars, it is not really possible to identify the problem from here. Have you got the workshop manual for the car? One would assume that it must be temperature related and, from that, a failure in one of the sensors related to the cold start system/coolant system. I suggest that you look in the workshop manual to see what sensors you have fitted to your car.

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