Are American cars built to a better quality than European cars?

I read a few years ago that American cars have less mechanical problems as the Americans spend the majority of the development money on the engine/drivetrain mechanicals making them more robust and less on the interior which is why the interiors look cheaper than European cars. In the same article it said European manufacturers spend more on better interiors and have less money to spend on engines/drivetrains, hence the amount of faults on them. From your experience, are American cars more robust and reliable mechanical wise?

Asked on 2 May 2017 by Bad Guy

Answered by Honest John
American cars tend to be higher geared, driven more gently, regularly driven higher mileages and often given a lube job (oil and filter change) every 3000 miles. Ludicrous 'long life' servicing that can mean many European cars don't get oil changes for 20,000 miles and two to three years is the main cause of engine failure.
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