Is Shell V-Power fuel really worth the extra money?

I notice that Shell V-Power unleaded at 99 RON octane is now sold at a 9p per litre premium at my local garage, compared to standard Shell unleaded 95 RON octane. Tesco's momentum 99 RON is at 5p per litre premium to standard Tesco 95 RON. Is the Shell premium fuel and/or the Tesco premium fuel worth the extra? This is a lot of money if you are filling a large tank.

Asked on 1 March 2017 by Andrew

Answered by Honest John
Put it this way, I use nothing else apart from Shell V-Power Nitro plus petrol or diesel and get the best possible performance from my engines, best possible fuel economy and no fuel system problems like the problems readers get when they run their cars on the cheapest fuels.
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