The V5C of the Audi TTS I'm about to purchase states it is the wrong colour - will this appear on HPI as a colour change?

I put a £200 deposit on a 2012 Audi TTS, which I had seen online from a dealership, so they moved it to my local garage for inspection. The car looks great, low mileage, no apparent body work done and a full service history. However, the V5C registration document says it's red, but the car is black. The garage says it's most likely a typing error and they would get it changed. I would like to buy the car but I'm a bit concerned that it might go on HPI as a colour change and make the car difficult to sell later on. Do DVLA make such mistakes or is there another reason for the colour to be different to that on the V5C?

Asked on 25 February 2017 by janet 0103

Answered by Honest John
Yes, such mistakes are made. And yes, it could appear on history checks as a colour change.
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