Have we done something wrong when transferring a personal plate onto another car?

My wife had, until recently, a personal plate on her BMW Z4 but sold the plate and transferred another personal plate (which she had on retention) to the BMW. It was last used on an Audi TT she owned at least 7 years ago. When using your car valuation tool it says the plate she sold is a Range Rover Sport, which I assume is the vehicle the person who bought the plate has put it on. So we put in her number she had on retention and that comes up as the Audi TT. Have we done something wrong when we transferred the plate onto the BMW?

Asked on 10 February 2017 by crazy_timbo

Answered by Honest John
As long as you followed the correct DVLA procedure (which you have done before) you have probably done the right thing. But the system cannot be expected to catch up with every switch of a cherished reg. That's simply expecting too much. If you want a valuation, best to key in the specific details of your car. Very soon, that will also allow you to key in a mileage and get a more specific valuation.
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