Does the Vauxhall Insignia Tourer only return 47mpg?

I looked at a 2009 Vauxhall Insignia Tourer 2.0CDTi Exclusiv yesterday, the dealer's own ex-demonstrator with 7300 miles on the clock and priced at £16,495. I'm part-exchanging my 2004 Vectra Energy 2.0 DTi with 78,000 miles, and they want £13,000 plus my car. Does that seem like a fair price? What are your thoughts on the Insignia - is there anything I need to be aware of?

I do 25-30,000 miles per year and, oddly, the salesman warned me that I wouldn't get as good economy out of the Insignia compared to the Vectra. When I checked the economy figures for the Insignia it claims 47mpg combined. I am achieving 50mpg in the Vectra on average. Would I be better going for the Ecoflex? I can't stretch to a new model and this is the one and only Tourer in Northern Ireland on the Network Q website.

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That's about right. There's a 700-mile test of the Insignia 160 Ecoflex at, on which we averaged an indicated 55mpg on the computer. We didn't verify it with brims to brims.
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