Parking fine in supermarket - why are the time limits inconsistent?

My wife has received a £70 Parking Charge Notice from Parking Eye after parking for 1 hour 43 minutes in a supermarket car park. It was our Christmas food shop, so took a long time. Apparently the limit was 1 hour 30 minutes, but she didn't go up to one of the signs to read it in detail, and assumed that the time limit would be a minimum of 2 hours as this is the norm for such car parks. I've read through the Ask HJ questions, but most relate to the pre Supreme Court ruling. Is there any argument here? Is the time limit just down to whatever is on the sign, so they can give less and less time to maximise penalties?

I am aware that Parking Eye pay land owners to have the right to cover the car parks and makes its profits from collecting the penalty charges, so I guess there is an obvious incentive for them to reduce the time, but is it fair or more to the point legal?

Asked on 30 December 2016 by 999pez

Answered by Honest John
The FAQ on this is here: The Supreme Court ruling basically entraps anyone who overstays or otherwise breaches their parking contact. Nothing to do with morality or fairness. They have the legal right to hit you with a penalty because that is how the Supreme Court interpreted Clause 56 of the Protection of Freedoms Act. The only way this can be changed is by Act of Parliament.
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