Should I buy this 2001 Rover 75 with a new engine fitted?

I phoned a guy who is selling a petrol 2001 Rover 75 1.8 Club. He is selling this car for £1300 and says he has put a new clutch and a new engine in it. Does this not sound a bit cheap if he has done all this work he says? The new engine has only done about 100 miles. I have to go and see this car today. Can you advise me what you think?

Asked on 1 August 2010 by Ruth Moyes

Answered by Honest John
The 1.8 is the disaster engine that loses coolant from the manifold seals then blows its head gasket. I would judge the car by the vendor and the apparent standard of his work. Gut feeling should tell you whether to buy or to walk.
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