Is my car using more fuel after a software update?

I have a 2013 A6 Avant 2.0TDI, driving to work at 40-45mph for approx 10 miles the computer was reading between 52-60 MPG every day. Now, I left the car in for the Audi software update, they assured me nothing would change , power and MPG. Now driving to work I am only reaching between 38-43 MPG.

Is my car now using more fuel or has the software update give me the correct MPG. (was the previous software incorrect??? Should I contact Audi and tell them or is there no point?

Any light you could shed on this would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Asked on 14 November 2016 by PAUL FERRIS

Answered by Honest John
Very common. Lots pf problems after the software change. The dealer is liable, and if he can't fix it he has to buy the car back at a sensible price
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