My tyres are 'out of round' - what's the cure?

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I have had my Kia Cee'd (2014, 15000 miles) diagnosed with rear tyres out of round. Was told by main dealer that this 'can just happen', & is not dangerous, only noisy, and the remedy would be to have the rears replaced AND have a 4-wheel alignment check performed.

I see in your answers that you suggested to someone their similar problem could be related to tyre inflation, or heavy weight in the boot - this is definitely not been the case with me. Could it be related to an alignment issue, maybe even from new?

What are your thoughts please?

Asked on 30 October 2016 by John L

Answered by Honest John
They might simply have been bad tyres from new but it took a couple of years for this to become apparent. Could also have suffered carcass damage on a pothole. Far more likely with 17-inch or 18-inch wheels than with 15-inch or 16-inch, in which case the rims may also be damaged. Bit difficult to argue as a warranty issue. Get the tyres fitted and balanced first. If the fitter reports that the wheels are out of true then you may need new wheels. If not, try the car on the new tyres. If you still have a problem, get the alignment checked at a branch of I recommend Michelin Cross Climate or Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 tyres all round if you're prepared to buy four. But must be a full set.
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