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Splits in rear tyres - what's the cause?

I purchased a Mercedes-Benz E350 Blu Tec Saloon new in April 2015. It has done 21,000 Miles including 3000 miles whilst towing a caravan. Due to pressure loss in a rear tyre, I went to specialist tyre repairer who discovered that both rear tyres had four or five splits on the inside walls approx three-inches long down to the canvass. Should I refer back to the Mercedes-Benz dealer?

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From driving over speed 'blister' humps. If you centre the car and straddle these humps to minimise the shock you tear up the inner shoulders of the tyres on the sloping sides of the humps. This type of hump is ridiculous. If drivers straddle them there is no need to slow down but the drivers wreck their tyres and could suffer a blowout on the motorway. The only people who benefit are the contractors who instal them.
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