How can I appeal against a bus lane PCN?

My wife received a PCN two weeks ago as her car had apparently been captured in a bus lane in London. Thing is, we live over 250 miles away from London and have never visited Lambeth (where the offence is said to have taken place).

My wife drives a small Citroen C1, it is white with a turquoise roof and mirrors. We were advised to visit the council's website to view the photos - the webpage states my wife's car registration, acknowledging it is a white Citroen alongside four photos showing a large, dark grey BMW saloon in a bus lane, however, even the registration differs by one letter.

I replied to them stating that the vehicles differed in size, shape, colour, make and that even the registration is not the same. Their reply is amazing, their Correspondence Manager acknowledges our comments and that mistakes can be made but has reviewed the CCTV footage which 'clearly shows your vehicle entering the bus lane and driving along it for some time.' What should I do?

Asked on 11 September 2016 by Chris Higson

Answered by Honest John
You are dealing either with automated systems or with automatons who are too busy to check properly. Take screen shots of the frames on the Lambeth Council website to prove your case, then demand a written apology and £200 compensation for the unnecessary harassment due to the negligence of the council and its gross failure to even acknowledge its own mistake.
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