SEAT Leon DPF troubles - what should I do?

I just bought a SEAT Leon diesel with 52k on the clock. Within 2 weeks the DPF yellow light came on. The car had a couple of hundred motorway miles in that time as well as some city driving.

The car then went into limp mode, driven to the dealer who said the DPF was 96 per cent full and it was down to my driving style.They have somehow managed to clear it (I found the wheel nut key in the front and suspect they have razzed it).

Performance is fine but there is a distinct smell of heavy exhaust outside the car and sometimes in. Another garage checked it and said there is no leak. The warranty expires in a few weeks and the DPF is not covered anyway I am told.

What would you recommend and what grounds do I have if the car fails again shortly after the warranty expires?

Asked on 8 September 2016 by James North of England

Answered by Honest John
What does "razzed it" mean? Never heard of that expression. If the dealer said the DPF is 96 per cent full he means full of ash, not just soot. All DPFs eventually fill up with ash. The standard cure is either a new DPF or having the ash cleaned out of the existing one by the Ceramex process. If you bought the car from a dealer within six months then the dealer is liable and cannot blame you. See:
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